Wednesday, October 17, 2012


sweater - GAP,  jeans - AE, boots - similar

I am embracing this Fall business full force peeps! I love the color blocking has been carried into Fall Fashion. And there really is nothing better than some skinnys, tall slouchy boots, and an oversized cozy sweater. PLUS a top knot.

I hope you lovelies are enjoying Autumn so far! Winter is just around the even snowed here the other day. Not.Ok.

Happy Hump Day!

What did you wear today!? What is your favorite fall outfit?!



  1. So cute! I am wearing sweats... haha! That's what happens when you're working on the computer all day.

  2. Love the sweater!! Think I may need to gap tomorrow and pick one up ha :)x

  3. love this outfit! so cute. i am totally on team fall! winter can stay far far away!

  4. I love your sweater! Right when I saw it at Gap I knew I wanted it! It looks cuter on you though. Love your hair! I hope it doesn't snow here any time soon! haha

  5. loving this weather to the fullest too - although here in Alabama it's still a bit warm. High of 72 today, I'll take it. Beats the 85 yesterday. Yes we are all sick around here due to the weather changes. However I've been rocking my boots. My feet are so happy!

    Today I went with long sleeved light shirt, under a vneck tshirt - boots and skinnies - top knot will probably show up before the end of the day if I have to do busy work away from my desk.

    You look fab girl - I love the sweater! Thanks for the link!

  6. Found your blog through Tiff (The Coffeehouse)! I love that whole outfit! I wish I could pull off that topknot look-- everytime I try my bun ends up sliding to one side or the other, and I end up looking like a lopsided Princess Leia. :)


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