Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where I Stand

From where I stand...

...Life is just a bundle of confusion, but it doesn't make it less beautiful

...boys are just a headache and a half! It's really too bad we can't live with em' can't live without em'

...I need to travel, I need adventure, I'm going stir crazy

...Sometimes T-Swift just knows what she is talkin about

...There is plenty to look forward to, even when it doesn't seem that way

...Shopping with friends can basically cure anything

...I'm really happy it's boot season


  1. I hear you on the travel, I'm so ready for the holidays so we can hop in the car and go! And T-Swift pretty much always knows what she's talking about. :)

    Thanks so much for linking up! Love your post. :)

  2. I love this link-up! Yes about boys. And thanks for the encouragement that there are things to look forward to. I forget that : )

  3. BOOTS! Amen, and I'm getting the travel bug too. So many places to see so little time.

  4. I need adventure in my life as well! I'm starting to rethink this whole "being stable" thing.

  5. You ARE going to travel! To Utah! SO excited!!

  6. Lo.....(I prefer Lou)...you'd better be trading those boots in for some that are a bit more....shall we say...."insulated"!! Of course you can wear them all winter here in TX. Which would cure another of your ails.....

  7. T-swift always knows what she's talkin' bout! & I love your cute boots!


  8. Love your boots!! And yes, life is such confusion, but oh so gorgeous!

  9. your post is adorable!! I found you from the From Where I Stand link up. I totally agree that T-swift knows what she is talking about, even my husband knows all her songs and thats saying something (hes a mans man) so apparently she knows what she is doing. Whoo hoo for boot season, I have to say this is the main reason I love Fall, its the scarfs, sweaters and boots that make living a little better


  10. there's always plenty to look forward to. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post and two page magazine spread. Eek. :) xo


  11. i am going to stir-crazy too!! i want to go somehwere foreign and far away asap :)

    great blog you have!


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