Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Snow Business

Apparently it's that time of year again. 

Dear First Snow Fall of The Winter {It's not even really winter yet} - I do not appreciate you. 
Yet, you are kind of beautiful and fun and you bring ho cho season with you.
None the less, you are cold and difficult.
So I love you and I hate you.
Be nice this year will you.
I'd appreciate that.

yours truly,
This girl who wishes she lived in Hawaii again. {No offence}



  1. haha! I have a love hate relationship with snow too. For some reason i am excited for it, and I don't know why! But I know i'll get sick of it soon, too.

  2. It's supposed to be close to 80 here in WV tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to our first snow!

  3. I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot get over how much snow you have.

    I think it should be illegal for it to snow on any day besides Christmas. Especially now that I'm an adult and no longer get snow days!

  4. Oh my goodness - snow already!!! I've seen where Colorado is getting some too, which makes me excited about my Christmas trip there but still wow. Stay warm, bundled up and stay cozy :)

  5. This is a girl who wished she had more snow!!!!! We are still warm here (NC) in the 80's. BLECH! The leaves are changing, but the 'cold' won't arrive until December here. ;) xoxo


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