Friday, October 26, 2012


Dear gingerbread candle - you are scrumptious

Dear baby G - SO glad your moustache onsie finally fits you! Just in time for good ol' Movember to begin. I bought that for you the very same day we all found out you were a boy!

Dear pumpkin doughnuts - I will be making you again. mmm.

Dear hiking - I miss spending time with you.

Dear snow - nope. I still don't like you.

Dear Ho Cho - you save me.

Dear apples - I can never seem to get enough of you! Ever.

Dear Ho Cho - oh wait. I have a problem..

Dear fireplace - you are splendid on a cold day. Just.Splendid.

Happy Weekend Lovely Peeps.

I hope you have fun plans!...Mine consist of being sad because my Utah trip was canceled. Due guessed it..the snow..bleh.



  1. ho cho? and that picuture of you hiking is BEAUTIFUL|!!!

  2. that onesie is amazingly cute! love the hiking pic and your pokadotted mug. :)

  3. your photographs are always so beautiful. Lovin that mug!


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