Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heart Strings

There is a lot of stuff tugging on my heart strings lately....

... I feel deeply...

...I always have...

...It's just who I am...

...& I think over the last couple years I've tried not to. 

...I've tried to just be ok. To be ok with anything that comes my way.

...I think my mind and body has just plain and simple had enough.

...enough of the heartache and enough of the disappointments.

...It's good to be positive and have a good attitude towards life and all that comes your way.

"When you reach the end of your rope
tie a knot in it
and hang on"

...& I think I have done a pretty good job of hanging on...

...But it's also good to feel.

...Feel the things you need to feel

...And get the heck to movin' on!

...Time to get the move on to the things that make me happiest.

...Time to make some decisions

...Time to grow up.

My heart strings want...

...A career I can enjoy and feel fulfilled in. This means going back to school. Again. I think I have made up my mind and finally feel real good about the direction I'm planning on going. Here I come school. This time I will rock you. 

...To move. I tried guys I tried. But oh Soab, you slay me every time. Time to move and move for the last time. This next one is going to be THE one. I can do this.

...To travel...just a couple more times before I do this whole settling down business. You know I just have to. It's just what I do.

...Make plans for ME and just do them. No matter what any one else expects. It's time for me. I'm ok with this.

...This time my heart strings are going to win...

...I'm gonna embrace the heartache and disappointments...

...feel all that they make me feel...

...and move on...

...and do me...

Thats all.

I feel deeply...

...I always have...

...It's just who I am...


  1. Aw Lauren. This is why we are friends. I know exactly how you feel (as far as I can tell) and I am here to talk! I really know we are meant to be friends. :)

  2. sometimes i read your blog and i'm like waaiiit just a minute. did she get a hold of my journal?! and then i remember i don't keep a journal. but seriously. we might be twins. except you're cuter. :) good luck with all that's ahead of you! once you're in it, it's not so scary. promise.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog, and found this post.
    I cant help but feel like you just shared how I have been feeling for months.
    I tend to feel things deeply as well, which I have said over the years has been my blessing & curse. :/
    I hope you are had a great week & that you continue to be moved in the direction God is leading you.
    much love, colie.

  4. I really liked this post and reminds me of myself in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a beautiful post - you can do it! Keep positive and you'll get there!

    I just found your blog and read your 'About Me'. I TOTALLY wish I was born and lived in Hawaii! Do it - make the move! And I'll strive to at least make it there for a visit so we can meet and be Hawaiian friends... haha!




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