Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo A Day September!

Can anyone tell me where September has gone! Sheesh. I just realized I hadn't done a photo a day post yet, and THEN I realized the month is already half over. Whoops.
So here is it! Days 1-17.

1. You, Now - playing with baby G.

2. Father - me and pops on the top of a volcano.

3. Far Away - I am TOO far away from the ocean

4. In my mail box - LUSH

5. bright

6. Every day - I got my hairs cut...that doesn't happen every day...or ever basically.

7. Natural - Natural lighting 

8. At night - campfire time!

9. Something you do most weekend - church!

10. Black & White - on the blog that day

11. Hero

12. Together - me and my PTL from starbucks..we belong together.

13. Table - on the table for din din

14&15 Favourite/First thing you see - Bella!

16. Strange - some words people find Tippee Canoe with.

17. In my fridge - a LOT of Hummus!

i hope you've been enjoying September and the change of weather! Before we know it it will be Thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas! 

Happy Monday!



  1. Your fridge looks like my fridge- hummus obsessed!!

  2. loving these images! especially the one of you on the bed (that's not meant to sound creepy). cute!

  3. In complete agreement with tiff up there :) and you're dog is so.cute! My puppy's Bella too!

  4. I feel the same way about September! It disappeared! Live these photos :) such a cute family!

  5. Popping over from the GFC blog hop. Love the black and white photo...very cool. And the campfire photo is great too!


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