Friday, September 14, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Chilly Mornings - I want to spend you drinking that cup of tea in the mountains.

Dear Dark Chocolate/Almond bar sitting in my fridge - You are lucky I didn't devour you all in one night...tonight... you are done for.

Dear Work - Boo.

Dear morning scripture study - I could get used to this.

Dear Pinterest - Do me a favour and put all the clothes I pinned into my closet. k thanks.

Dear Bella - Waking up to your cute little fluffy face is the highlight of my morning. Along with our walks bright and early. How are you the cutest darn puppy to ever exist!!!

Dear Baby G - You get cuter every day. Especially now that you are babbling and finding out new tricks. Please can you just stay little for a bit longer though?

Dear Lindsay - You are the best roommate ever. I think if anyone else over the age of 5 months lived with us...they would think we are nuts. I haven't laughed this much EVERY day in a long time. Even though we don't even have to actually talk to each other to know something is funny. Also...we make a MEAN dinner. Sigh. Don't leave me.

Dear Reality TV - you give me a stomach ache.

Dear Friday - If you weren't my Monday then I think I'd like you.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!



  1. I don't see how you resisted the entirety of that dark chocolate/ almond bar!! And I agree on reality tv- yuck. Definite stomach ache!

  2. How the H did you get so many followers?

  3. If you Pinterest makes those clothes appear will you please let me know the trick. I'd love to own 1/2 of what I have pinned!

  4. I feel the same ways about pinterest!! Some people have such great clothes!!! Stopping by from Paisley Boulevard! Happy Sunday

  5. I like the "Dear's". Very creative.



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