Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall.Or Autumn If You Will.

Ok. Guys. This post is really hard for me to write. No joke. I am straight up confused with myself! The last few days as the weather has been changing, and I am met with chilly crisp air on my face in the morning, instead of the humid sun, I smiled about it. I SMILED about it. Say whaaaat! I have found myself excited about the cozy oversized sweaters, the boots with chunky socks, the BURNT ORANGE PANTS {no I am NOT going to shut up about those until I have a pair in my closet}, and cozy/chunky/wonderful scarves around my neck, and pink chilly cheeks. Oy vey. This bikini, sun tan, palm tree loving girl is going cray cray!! What has happened to me! Have I finally come to terms with living in this Winter Wonderland.. that can't be. 
Probably in about a month or so you will be reading a post about me complaining. But, right this moment, I'm looking forward to this change. 
I have to stop talking now....gah!

Happy Fall/Autumn. Oy.



  1. Love the pieces you picked out! I feel ya about the change in the air! It's not technically even autumn yet. ;) xoxo

  2. I am in love with the deer shirt! Too cute!!

  3. I need to go shopping for some chunky sweaters asap. love them!

    p.s. having my first ever giveaway!! stop by :)

    kelly elizabeth

  4. I need the shirt at the top right! Soooo in love with it!

    XO, Kelsey


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