Thursday, September 27, 2012

Upside Down

Sometimes doesn't life just seem a little turned upside town?
Like you've worked so hard to get to where you are at..only where you're at isn't exactly where you were working so hard to get. Does that even make sense? Im rambling...anyways...
I really try to stay positive! I'd rather feel happy. I'd rather smile. I'd rather just remember that I will, no matter what, end up where I need to be.
But sometimes..I just want to look at where I'm at and say boo. Boo to where I'm at. 
Boo. You aren't where I thought I would be at this moment in life. 

How annoying of me is that!?


Here is my grateful list.

Because I suppose...there is just a lot to be grateful for.
Shoot..I just need to remember that!

{I am grateful for}

Good music that you just can't help but dance to.

When my favourite song comes on the radio just as I turn the car on.

Singing at the top of my lungs in the shower when no one else is home.

{I am grateful for}

Random phone calls from my momma asking how to work her cell phone. I love that woman.

Waking up to Bella's squishy little face 

Spending my days with Lindsay and baby G

Family. Every single one of them.

{I am grateful for}

Having reasons to laugh...and cry laugh.

Snuggles while it's raining outside.

Baby giggles.

{I am grateful for}

Banana Cake.

Dark Chocolate.


Vector & the fact it doesn't go soggy in milk for..ever!

{I am grateful for}

quiet early mornings spent reading scriptures. 



{I am grateful for}

The word shiz...because I just think it's funny.

Airplanes. Yes, I'm serious.

{I am grateful for}

this quote..

"God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.”

because...ok if you say so Elizabeth Gilbert..if you say so...Imma stick this one out!

Happy Thursday All! Tomorrow is isn't that something to be grateful for!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wanna Make A Banana Cake?

Then go HERE , read the recipe, let some bananas get super rots, and MAKE THIS CAKE. 
Then don't judge my pictures against hers...because she obviously has the patience to wait to ice the cake...over here...we don't have that patience.
I swear it tastes JUST as good!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Is With You

Hey my little lovelies!

Happy Tuesday! You survived Monday!

Today you can find me over at the MOST lovely Mallorie Owens' blog Home Is With You.
I'll be answering some blog questions! So head on over and check it out! 
Do some snooping of her blog, because you will love it!!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking Up

Even when we might be feeling down, it is always better to look up! Look to your Heavenly Father. Look to Christ. They will always be there. Don't look down! You won't find anything there. & You might run into a lamp post while eating a bowl of cereal like I did one's no good. Look UP!

Happy Sunday!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


We had a rough night over here last night.
Something was freaking the pup out ALL.NIGHT.LONG.
She was growling, and barking, and freaking out, oh about every 3 minutes. 
Then I'd turn the lights on show her everything was fine....and then we would start all over again.
I have no idea what was going on.
But I do know that all of our belongings are still in place and we are both alive. So the pup must be going a little cray cray over here!
I also know that you will have to excuse me while I go drink this cup of tea and not leave the couch or change out of my PJs for the remainder of the day.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

These Seven Questions

1. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?

I ALWAYS dream about Hawaii and the beach and the weather and all of its goodness...sigh...


I often have dreams about my teeth falling's THE WORST!

2. It's the first day of fall in a few days, What are you looking forward to most?

Hot cocoa outside wrapped in a cozy blanket. 

3. Because of a lack of coordination, would you rather not be able to tie your shoes OR not be able to cut your own food?

Definitely tie my own shoes...95% of the time I am wearing TOMS...the other 5% my runners are usually already tied...or someone loving can tie them for me :)

4. Would you rather live in a house made entirely of glass or a house with no windows?

If I could live somewhere secluded like up in some beautiful mountains or on my very own private beach...I would choose a house made of coooool would that be!!

5. Would you rather walk on your toes or heels forever?

Toes...I am usually walking or dancing around on the them anyways. Heels would be strange and uncomfortable.

6. What's your favourite sense? ( you have 5)

Sight for sure. I live to see beautiful things and to experience the world! 

7. What's your favourite movie quote of all time?

Oh.Geez. I just don't even know...... My sis and I have been quoting MEAN GIRLS lately...

"And four for you Glen go Glen Coco... And NONE for Gretchen Wieners!"

Which brings me to this shirt I HAVE to HAVE!!

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo A Day September!

Can anyone tell me where September has gone! Sheesh. I just realized I hadn't done a photo a day post yet, and THEN I realized the month is already half over. Whoops.
So here is it! Days 1-17.

1. You, Now - playing with baby G.

2. Father - me and pops on the top of a volcano.

3. Far Away - I am TOO far away from the ocean

4. In my mail box - LUSH

5. bright

6. Every day - I got my hairs cut...that doesn't happen every day...or ever basically.

7. Natural - Natural lighting 

8. At night - campfire time!

9. Something you do most weekend - church!

10. Black & White - on the blog that day

11. Hero

12. Together - me and my PTL from starbucks..we belong together.

13. Table - on the table for din din

14&15 Favourite/First thing you see - Bella!

16. Strange - some words people find Tippee Canoe with.

17. In my fridge - a LOT of Hummus!

i hope you've been enjoying September and the change of weather! Before we know it it will be Thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas! 

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Chilly Mornings - I want to spend you drinking that cup of tea in the mountains.

Dear Dark Chocolate/Almond bar sitting in my fridge - You are lucky I didn't devour you all in one night...tonight... you are done for.

Dear Work - Boo.

Dear morning scripture study - I could get used to this.

Dear Pinterest - Do me a favour and put all the clothes I pinned into my closet. k thanks.

Dear Bella - Waking up to your cute little fluffy face is the highlight of my morning. Along with our walks bright and early. How are you the cutest darn puppy to ever exist!!!

Dear Baby G - You get cuter every day. Especially now that you are babbling and finding out new tricks. Please can you just stay little for a bit longer though?

Dear Lindsay - You are the best roommate ever. I think if anyone else over the age of 5 months lived with us...they would think we are nuts. I haven't laughed this much EVERY day in a long time. Even though we don't even have to actually talk to each other to know something is funny. Also...we make a MEAN dinner. Sigh. Don't leave me.

Dear Reality TV - you give me a stomach ache.

Dear Friday - If you weren't my Monday then I think I'd like you.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall.Or Autumn If You Will.

Ok. Guys. This post is really hard for me to write. No joke. I am straight up confused with myself! The last few days as the weather has been changing, and I am met with chilly crisp air on my face in the morning, instead of the humid sun, I smiled about it. I SMILED about it. Say whaaaat! I have found myself excited about the cozy oversized sweaters, the boots with chunky socks, the BURNT ORANGE PANTS {no I am NOT going to shut up about those until I have a pair in my closet}, and cozy/chunky/wonderful scarves around my neck, and pink chilly cheeks. Oy vey. This bikini, sun tan, palm tree loving girl is going cray cray!! What has happened to me! Have I finally come to terms with living in this Winter Wonderland.. that can't be. 
Probably in about a month or so you will be reading a post about me complaining. But, right this moment, I'm looking forward to this change. 
I have to stop talking now....gah!

Happy Fall/Autumn. Oy.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

S.E.V.E.N ?'s

1. Do you have any weird food combinations that you love?

None that I can think of.

2. Have you ever written a blog post, published it, then immediately deleted it?

No. I am usually pretty careful about only publishing what I really want out there for the world to read! I do however have a BUNCH of drafts on here that have gone unpublished. I write read them..a few times and then just leave them there. Sometimes it's enough to just write everything down and have no one else read it.

3. What is a hair style you wish you could pull off, but would never be brave enough to try?

Short hair. Like shoooort hair. Some girls look so dang cute with it and can pull it off so well. NOT this girl. Nope.

4. Would you rather have to always use the sun to tell the time or directions by the stars?

Oh my goodness. These are both my worst night mare! I can't tell directions without a full play by play. & not knowing the time drives me bananas. Neither are ok! If I have to choose... I suppose it would be the time by the sun. Maybe not knowing all the time would be a little liberating? eek.

5. What is a fall trend you are excited to try?

Burnt orange pants. Someone buy me some....puhleeeease! That and chunky socks with boots, cozy sweaters, chunky scarves.... ok. but I'm not excited about the cold it?

6. Who is your style icon?

Can't says I have one. Honestly...weird. 

7. What's your favourite outdoor activity?

Everything! Hiking, Camping, Walks, Bike rides, Rollerblades, kite flying, tennis, picnics, star gazing, surfing, tanning, floating ....if it's outside...I like it!

Happy Hump Day lovelies! 


Sunday, September 9, 2012

If You Really Knew Me.

It's about that time for another look into my heart strings! Enjoy!

If you really knew me you would know...

I will eat Hot Tamales until my tongue feels raw... it's actually a problem...burns SO bad...tastes SO good. 

I HATE pickles...unless they are in a tuna sandwich. And by hate I one can eat them around me. And the smell makes me queasy. No it doesn't make sense. But that's the way it is.

If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be apples. Dang I love those things! I love them so much that I took one to the orthodontist with me on the day I got my braces off, so that it could be the first thing I would bite into. Plus...did you know you can eat as many of those suckers as you want without gaining a pound?! cha-ching.

If you really knew me you would know...

I could travel every day of my life. I get SO antsy being in one place for too long. I know that sometimes I get the itch to just settle down in one place but then...I just can't seem to do it! I'm trying. We shall see.

I have the HUGEST desire to go somewhere and either teach english or volunteer in an orphanage. I think it would be the best experience of my life time.

The newest replacement for number one on my bucket list is...Habitat for Humanity. I MUST accomplish this one!

If you really knew me you would know....

I L.O.V.E hot hot hot weather. oh gosh. The hotter the better! Yet, I absolutely love being cozy in my bed while all the air around me is crisp and cold. 

I dream about the beach nightly. This isn't a joke. I'm serious. NIGHTLY. Imagine how I feel when I wake up NO WHERE near water. at. all. 

If you really knew me you would know...

I can give a MEAN pinch with my toes. No joke. bruises peeps, bruises. Mean? or extremely impressive?

I dance around the house constantly. Especially when I am baking or cleaning.

I CAN'T stand still. If I am waiting in line or just standing talking to someone I am usually going up and down on my tip toes. People think is weird. It's fine.

If you really knew me you would know...

I cry when I laugh. Almost instantly. Laughing is my favourite thing. There is nothing quite like your abs hurting after a good laugh. If you make me cry laugh. We are automatically friends. 

I get embarrassed quite easily. Which will force me to admit...

I can be painfully shy,

a little senstitive..maybe a lot,

and a little bit dramatic at times... oh well.. I know when to take a step back and admit I'm ridiculous.

If you really knew me you would know...

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I try and try not to, but it's just who I am. I've learned that it's really not such a bad thing.

I'm funny. No seriously. People think I'm funny.

I have love for everyone. No matter who you are, or what your choices are. I strongly believe in not judging. Everyone has to make their own choices and find their own path. No one is the same.

I tend to learn things the hard way. Have my whole life. I will usually do the opposite of what someone tells me to. Or I have to learn everything for myself. Like WHY exactly something isn't a good idea. It's not really the best way to go about things but I like to think I'm growing out of it. Maybe. 

If you really knew me you would also know...

I have big dreams.

Of doing photography, seeing the world, owning a bakery..

Yet, above day being a mom.

I love yoga, chewy chocolate chip cookies, a steamy cup of tea on a chilly day, an up all night kind of book, and a good snuggle.

If you really knew me you would know...

That I am constantly learning new things about myself.

Happy Sunday lovely peeps.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

& seven more

It's time for another seven questions! Who's ready?...I thought so!

1. I say "jump", you say______.
Well you see depends... Jump out of an airplane? Then I say sure! Off a bridge? Well no, because I hear you aren't supposed to do that, even if all your friends are doing it.

2. What is your favourite flower? 
Ranunculus { who in the world knew thats how you spell that! } Anyways. Those are darn gorgeous. 

3. If you had to choose between having plumbing or electricity, which would you choose?
Electricity. Hands down. This girl is not opposed to using the great out doors Not ideal. Yet, doable.

4. What is your funny go-to youtube video? (Keep em' clean)
ahh fine. Umm David after the dentist. Only probably because I work in a dental office...and can relate. pah. too good.

5. Do you think dreams mean something?
hmm. good question. I think dreams are usually whatever you are excited/worried/stressed/happy/scared about. Or can be something you wish for. Or can just be straight up cray cray. So...I don't think they particularly "mean" anything. 

6. Do you collect anything?
Oh you mean like that bug collection in my garage? KIDDING. 
No...unless a massive amount of clothing counts?...then yah..clothes

7. You're in a situation that is everything it should be. You're with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, but it doesn't "feel" right...what do you do?
Bad things can happen in any kind of situation. If there's a bad feeling...I'm gonna say there is a reason for it. So if leaving is what would make me feel better...I would leave! No harm in that!

Happy Hump Day All!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adventure or Nothing

I choose adventure.
Truer words were never spoken. I have been craving a good adventure lately. Then again. Maybe everyday is it's own adventure anyways. You know.. 
I could really go for some good sky dive action again right about now though. 
That's all. 
Happy Tuesday


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Sunday Lovelies


"Don't give up.
Don't you quit.
You keep walking.
You keep trying.
There is help and happiness ahead...
You keep your chin up.
It will be alright in the end.
Trust God and believe in good things to come."

- Elder Holland.

I haven't done a Happy Sunday post in well..forever! So I decided to share this quote with you today, since it fell out of my scriptures today & isn't it just lovely? Don't ever quit! There are good things around that corner my lovelies! Just you wait and see! 

Happiest of Sundays!


Happy loooong weekend!