Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo A Day July & other instaawesomeness

It's official peeps..July is a memory of the past and we are headed into August. Say whaaat? 

So the end of photo a day july was:

26. Sunshine

27. on the road - horses for our town parade

28. cup

29. last thing you bought - love essie nail polish!

30. calm - lovely weather and some golf

31. toothbrush - both are mine...don't ask.

& in other Insta news:

took the kidlets to the water park, where they have a climbing wall..genius.

Mickey really enjoyed the parade from the shade of his stroller

Bella got a hair cut

Toddler + cupcake + icing + no clothes = best idea ever!

Now it's time for some Photo A Day August! Who's ready? Bring it on!



  1. wow, rock wall in the water.. where was that when I was a kid?!

  2. i like this type of post. Nice!

  3. Wow...that water rock climbing wall is genius I want to go on one now lol.


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