Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo A Day August

I'm sorry...but what the heck happened to August?
Why the heck are there already Christmas decorations out in the store. It's not even Halloween yet peeps! IT'S STILL SUMMER! Can we just calm down and let me enjoy the rest of the nice weather..and not start giving me a panic attack about snow and all that non sense. Sheesh. My heart can't even handle the thought of it!

Anyhow thanks for letting vent... Photo A Day August days 15-26 were:

15. Ready - ready to go find a new job

16. Food - Homemade granola should make these.

17. Faces - look at those squishy little baby faces. oh I just die.

18. Inside - such a beautiful wedding

19. hole - sorry..its gross..but that's the hole that dang spider made..ick.

20. today - It was a crazy hair day that day.

21. Cool 

22. Home - homemade cookies. mmm. mmm

23. Pair - at the fair.

24. Path - on my way to work.

25. Fresh - nothing like fresh baked anything!

26. Dream - in my dreams I am back on the beach..sigh..

It's almost time for Photo A Day September. Get ready!



  1. I really can't believe that August is almost over!! And I admit... I'm SO excited for winter! This is the first, and probably only time in my life I'll be saying that. But can you blame me? I can't WAIT to meet my baby girl in December :)

  2. I'm not ready for winter but I am kinda looking forward to Fall!
    Definitely NOT ready for Christmas yet though


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