Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo A Day August!

Holy! Photo A Day August has left me in the dust! But no worries I've got it covered!
Here is the first 2 weeks of Photo A Day Aug!

1. Outside - tanning :)

2. One- one seriously cute babe

3. coin

4. where I sat - eating good food

5. Logo - esso..on the road again

6. writing - ice cream menu

7. 8 o'clock - walking by the water

8. glasses - on the beach!

9. messy - spent 28 hours out of 7 days on the road, and went 3 different places in that time span! Needless to say...this girl was a mess!

10. ring - L.O.V.E :)

11. Purple 

12. spoon 

13. simple - I just simply love this little man!

14. arrow

Other Insta Wonderfuls!:

Lighting off lanterns is preeeetty awesome!

Waterton is beautiful! Always!

hoping the next two weeks of photo a day go a tid bit better!! How has August gone by SO fast!!?



  1. omggggggggggggg the LOVE ring set is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Where did you get em?!?!

  2. sure wish I could tolerate the heat long enough to tan - ughhh I just hate it...where's fall? at least you're tan! ha.


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