Monday, July 30, 2012


Sometimes all this girl needs to chase Debbie Downer away is a good ol' golf date with the Pops! Thanks Daddio!

Also... One time someone told me mint and coral don't go good together. Then I wore this get up and I'm pretty sure I proved them wrong! 

Happiest of Mondays Lovelies! 



  1. love the shorts- and totally agree that nothing makes a day better than bashing some golf balls!

  2. Yes you did! You rock that mint and coral :)

    My Musings

  3. Mint and coral absolutely go together! Looks good, lady :) Happy to see that a special date w/ dad made you a happy girl! Have a good one

  4. I'm loving your shorts! Such a cute colour!!

  5. You like comments, eh? goes.

    1. Good set may be a tiny bit too far from the ball...skooch ip about 5 inches.
    2. Your right hand is too need to wrap it over the top of the club a little bit. I'm willing to bet you move the ball from left to right quite a bit?
    3. Get a glove that fits.
    4. Get that left arm will force the right arm away from your body making it easier to come around.
    5. I notice you have a ten finger too...but it is generally frowned upon. Try locking your pinky's....
    6. Best advice I ever received...don't take your club back further than perpendicular to the ground. Try will make a difference!

    Now, as for Ray....where do I start!!

    Uncle Jeff

  6. you'd think after living literally like on a golf course for almost 8 years i would of gone golfing once, wrong. still never gone.
    love your shorts cute girl.



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