Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo A Day! & Other Life via Insta!

So uh hey lovelies! Where the heck has July gone? It's going by WAY too fast and I think summer should slow down a little! Or a LOT!

Anywho here is a good two weeks worth of photo a day, because I've been a little blogger inactive..shoot.

Days 6-18 :

6. Chair - where I eat my lunch at work.

7. Garden - farmer field of canola.

8. lunch - pretzels...healthy, I know

9. BIG - Mickey is SO much bigger than last time I saw him!

10. Favourite Colour - I can't choose just one.

11. was supposed to be letter ...i missed it a think

12. Texture - Quinoa

13. Open - wide open spaces

14. Building - Calgary Tower

15. Finger - with my cute ring from someone lovely!

16. Sign - never ever

17. Addiction - sushi!

18. Plate - with a hamburger and guacamole!

Other life via Instalove:

This kid is the best sushi date ever!

I bought the cutest polka dot shirt!

There's been a lot of sunshine, side braids, and enjoying of homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Hope your Summer is treating you kindly!



  1. Shew, I agree, summer definitely needs to slow down. I can't believe there is only 18 days left of summer for my daughter and then school starts back. That makes me sad :(

  2. Your colorful headband/wrap is just too stinking cool! And I seriously want to devour that ice cream sandwich. It's got me practically drooling. Looks like a beautiful summer for you so far! :)


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