Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo A Day July & Other Life via Insta!

Photo A Day July has been just as fun as ever! Hope you are all enjoying it and if you aren't doing it its not too late to start.. I believe in being able to catch up if you miss a couple day!

The last 2 days of Photo A Day june were:

29. Soft - Bella is SO soft!

30. A Friend - out for some fish tacos with my best friend and sister! 

Days 1-5 of Photo A Day July were:

1. Self Portrait - uh so apparently I missed this day but I really swear I didn't my replacement pic is my birthday one from yesterdays post. so lovely..

2. Busy - We were super busy enjoying the long weekend and the beautiful weather!

3. Best part of your day - bed time cuddles with Bella

4. Fun - Having cuddles with my fav boy while we watch Bachelorette 

5. On the floor - what the floor looks like when you wake up during allergy season...bleh..

In Other Insta News:

Canada Day was so fun and such good weather!
Just some Canadian Geese putting on their own parade for Canada Day!
Our flowers are blooming nicely!
Bella can't get enough of the sun and playing soccer!
Baby G gave me the best bday present!
Mom made me the cutest cupcakes!
Went for girls night dinner where I ate my weight in food.
The canola fields are looking gorgeous!
Patio Dining is my fav!
Bells cuddles are the best ever.

Happy Thursday everyone!! Loving seeing all your photos!!



  1. Love your pics for Photo-A-Day! Your Bella is so stinking cute!

  2. I just found your blog through twitter. Your pics are so cute. I had a taco recipe on my blog as well.


  3. Seriously?! I love those owl cupcakes!

    Love your blog, stop by and say hi sometime!

  4. my goodness... .your fish tacos look simply delish!!! and your owl necklace?? ADORBS!!! and the shots you captured of those beautiful flowers... simply chic!!

    missed seeing your pretty lil' pictures friends!!


  5. such a cute blog.. your newest follower!!!

  6. Your pictures are adorable - I'm so bad at the photo a day project - eek!



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