Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On The FlipSide

Working in a dental office, I tend to forget what it's like to actually be the one on the other side. You know, the one in the chair getting their teeth picked at and all that fun stuff! 
People hate the dentist, lets be honest here. NO ONE actually enjoys the dentist. But let us take a second here and compare the two...

My side: I get to smell some major stankyness& I mean STANKY like gaggy never leaves your nose smells, I see blood and lot's of it sometimes, I get to scrub plaque off of kids teeth...kids teeth happen to be the worst..because they don't brush once in between dental visits I swear!, I've been thrown up on..more than once, I get to stick my fingers in your slobbery mouth. 
Fun right?!

Patient side: Watch TV while someone does you a favour and fixes/ cleans your teeth.

Soooo I know its not that fun to go to the Dentist. I mean I can think of a GINORMOUS list of things I'd rather be doing. But it was kind of nice being on the flipside yesterday! So think about little ol me next time you go to the Dentist and remember...I've been thrown up on...multiple times...

Enjoy the side you are on at your next Dental visit!! It just isn't so bad on that side...actually I dare say I quite enjoyed it!



  1. Just gotta say kudos to you for working in a dental office; I know I could never do it! :P


  2. OMG... I've been visiting the dentist week after week for the past 3 weeks and still have a few more trips to make. Deep cleanings, isolated cleanings, a few fillings and wisdom teeth extracted (to be done still).. wahhhhh... I haven't had a deep cleaning so that pain was NO JOKE and such a surprise for me!! Seriously felt like they were sticking a million needles in my gums!! :/

  3. Maybe I'm weird but I really enjoy going to the dentist. You're right when you say that all I have to do is relax and watch tv while my teeth get all clean! It could have something to do with the fact that I've never had a cavity or braces, so only fun times in that chair :)



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