Monday, July 16, 2012

Love is...

Love is unconditional. Love is hearing little baby Grayson starting to laugh. Love is being so proud of Cooper riding a bicycle without training wheels. Love is Mickey yelling "LuLu!" every time I walk in the room. Love is Cooper looking at me and saying "Lulu, why do you look so skinny?" Love is a child's laugh. Love is cuddle time. Love is a slobbery cookie kiss. Love is being woken up by two very loud voices bouncing on my bed. Love is little hands playing with your hair. Love is story time followed by kisses and prayers. What better example of unconditional love than the love for and of a child. I L-O-V-E these boys! They can make any frown turn upside down. They can make you forget about a lousy day, hurt feelings, sadness, or anything negative. They put things into perspective. 
Love is unconditional. Love is Family.



  1. Love this post! So true and sweet! :)

  2. TOOO CUTE and I totes agree with you!! Love is FAMILY!!!

    Love the very last picture of his WHAAAA face!!! Too cute!!

    xoxo, Bev


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