Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On The FlipSide

Working in a dental office, I tend to forget what it's like to actually be the one on the other side. You know, the one in the chair getting their teeth picked at and all that fun stuff! 
People hate the dentist, lets be honest here. NO ONE actually enjoys the dentist. But let us take a second here and compare the two...

My side: I get to smell some major stankyness& I mean STANKY like gaggy never leaves your nose smells, I see blood and lot's of it sometimes, I get to scrub plaque off of kids teeth...kids teeth happen to be the worst..because they don't brush once in between dental visits I swear!, I've been thrown up on..more than once, I get to stick my fingers in your slobbery mouth. 
Fun right?!

Patient side: Watch TV while someone does you a favour and fixes/ cleans your teeth.

Soooo I know its not that fun to go to the Dentist. I mean I can think of a GINORMOUS list of things I'd rather be doing. But it was kind of nice being on the flipside yesterday! So think about little ol me next time you go to the Dentist and remember...I've been thrown up on...multiple times...

Enjoy the side you are on at your next Dental visit!! It just isn't so bad on that side...actually I dare say I quite enjoyed it!


Monday, July 30, 2012


Sometimes all this girl needs to chase Debbie Downer away is a good ol' golf date with the Pops! Thanks Daddio!

Also... One time someone told me mint and coral don't go good together. Then I wore this get up and I'm pretty sure I proved them wrong! 

Happiest of Mondays Lovelies! 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo A Day July & Some extra Insta lovin

Lovelies, lovelies, lovelies!
July is almost over. This is B-a-n-a-n-a-s.
This means photo a day July is almost over and then we are moving on in to Photo a day August! I am seriously going for this 365 days! oy-vey.

Days 19 - 26 were:

19. Animal/ insect/ pet - well I hate insects, and we all know Bella is just so darn adorable, so here she is...watching tv like a human. Oh Bells.

20. eyes 

21. 9 o'clock - cheerios and some online tv

22. upside down - Erinn teaching Mickey how to do somersaults 

23. mirror

24. a stranger - you gotta eat here dude.

25. heart - I heart frozen yogurt

Other life according to Instgrammin:

The popsicles were a HIT!

some baking was done. typical.

We coloured, chased bubbles, and smelled flowers.

Took some frustrations out at the shooting range. good times. destroyed.

Now here comes photo a day august!
join in! Super fun! :-)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Pop & Ice Cream Had A Baby

What could be better on a SUPER hot sunshiny day than a creamy,fizzy, chilly treat? Yup probably nothing. 

Rootbeer Floats & Orange creamsicles

You will need:

Popsicle molds ( the fancier the cuter...mine were $2...enough said)

Rootbeer & Orange Soda - you can use just whatever kind you fancy, but these ones had funny lids, so naturally I chose these! Easily amused...

Vanilla Ice Cream - no funny lids here, just your typical plain ol' vanilla

How To:

Chill your soda in the freezer for about 20 mins

Pour in a layer of soda, then scoop in a layer of ice cream, and repeat until the molds are full! This will create more of a mixture rather than just putting in all of the ice cream and then all of the soda!

Pop them in the freezer and enjoy just a FEW hours later...I know its hard to wait...but SO worth it! 

I know these are so easy peasy! So make them! & mix it up whichever way you like it! 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Southern Alberta

So I usually don't have SO many lovely things to say about Southern Alberta... It's ALWAYS windy {and no you DO NOT get used to it!}, it's usually too chilly for my liking, the weather can change from sunny to raining to hailing to snowing ALL in 5 minutes flat. It's really just the good ol Debbie Downer coming up in me and screaming "This is NO Hawaii!, What the H - E - double hockey sticks are YOU doing here!?"
But then I go to places like good ol dependable Waterton, and I remember, ok this place really is all kinds of its own beautiful. Maybe it's not so bad? I mean if I had to pick between Southern Alberta and Hawaii? Let's be real here peeps...Hawaii it would be. But since Southern Alberta is home.. I may as well just enjoy it darn it! Which isn't too hard with so much great fun fam around these days!
Also, who doesn't love having a dragon fly along for the ride on your back AND a day to throw the diet out the window? & I'm pretty sure I found my next home in that zebra trailer?