Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo A Day June & other life VIA instagramin&the death of a brand new Iphone

 So... Iphone went for a swim yesterday...So...this might be the last set of Photo A Days for a while...which means I failed June...which also means I failed 365 days of photos...which means...I'm pretty freaking grouchy. I literally bought that phone 2 months ago. Im tellin you guys this has just not been my week. Anyways, Iphone currently lays in a bed of rice, which is apparently supposed to help. I'm not holding my breath. I'm prepared to buy a brand new one, well my bank account isn't prepared but I am..I suppose... 


Photo A Day June days 8-12 were these:

8. Your view- I sort of find windmills that weird?

9. Best part of your weekend.- going for a Sunday drive. Peaceful.

10. Door - the only decently interesting one I found all day.

11. From a low angle - I also like dandelions?

12. Art - I love this saying. I love art. I love all things creative!

In other Insta news:

The cotton is falling like snow around here....ahhh choo...hello hay fever.

The choco peanut butter jugo juice is AMaaaZing

The weather was nice..which was weird!

I found long colored shorts...which unfortunately were all sizes to larger for my child like bod.

I spent far too long in lush...wishing I could buy it all...even the weird smelling ones.

Having the weather be nice enough to dine on the patio makes me SO happy... yet it didn't last. *sigh*

 Anywho... SORRY for being so grouchy this week. Gosh I'm sick of hearing it myself!! So my apologies. Next week is a new one. & who knows, maybe by some miracle this rice thing will work and my phone will be good as new and it will be like nothing bad ever happened... right? Is it weird to pray your phone isn't a gonner? I don't know how I feel about it but I'm probably gonna give it a try!



  1. Um, choco peanut butter?! Sounds delish! Also I LOVE the colored shorts and hope to find some myself. Great post! xo

  2. Oh no, bummer! Hope your phone turns out okay!

  3. That totally sucks about your phone!! :( LUSH!! I always spend way too much time and money there!! Ridiculous!!


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