Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo A Day&Other Instalovin

Oook folks...where the heck did June go?..It is almost time for Photo A Day JULY! what? birthday is in July...actually my birthday is on Wednesday...I kind of was hoping it wouldn't come so quickly? Anyways!! Still need to finish up Photo A Day June! SO!..

Days 23 - 28 were:

23. Movement - windmills!

24. On your mind - need to look ahead and focus on better things to come!

25. Something cute - Aren't these tea pots adorable!?

26. Where you shop - I won't lie... I have a lot of AE clothing...mostly because it is a store that actually fits me...

27. Bathroom - I do not leave my toothbrush on the sink like that {cringe} That one is for jewelry cleaning only! { Also  I am NOT an outfit repeater 2 days in a ok I cheated and forgot to do day 26..}

28. On the shelf - time to clean that up a bit!

In OTHER Insta news!:

I LOVE smoothies! Oh already knew that? weird.

I did some retail therapy!..It works

Baby G started sucking his thumb..stinker.

This was my 11pm...because I some how just for got to eat until then?

Ok Lovelies!! Photo A Day JULY starts on Sunday! Who is up for it? Let me know!! 

Here is the List!!



  1. I know exactly how you feel about AE stuff fitting. It is the only place i can fund pants that fit and know that they will fit even if I don't try them on.

  2. I love me some retail shopping!! I love your pictures!

  3. I had some retail therapy this week as well! So far the compliments on my outfits have been flooding in.

  4. oh i suck at photo a days. i start and get 5 days in then forget!
    love the photos, and that smoothie looks amazing.

  5. I've been following you on instagram for awhile, but not following your blog?!? How is that possible?

  6. hmm these pictures look rather familiar haha! i love these things! ill be doing july too! and i LOVE your aztec phone case! where is that from?!?! have a great weekend love!



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