Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Next FoodNetwork Adventure!

So remember those yummy doughnuts I so lovingly shared with you all? Well I decided to dedicate myself to finding all of the places shown near me on FoodNetwork! 

The Perogy Boyz was my next stop!

Now who doesn't like perogies? My waist line probably doesn't love them so much! But then I thought about the 00 shorts I tried on at Gap the other day that were too big and decided my 11 year old pre pubescent body probably wouldn't mind a few pounds of bacon and sour cream. You know what? It's hard to find nice clothes when you are as little as an 11 year old...yet you are 22. It's also embarrassing when they suggest I try the kids section. *sigh* ANYWAYS!...So I went for it! 

See that line up! Yah it only took us an hour to actually make our order. But we were determined after missing it the day before! Worth the wait? I should say so! mmm! These are not just your typical perogies. Yes they have the traditional ones but even those are something special! They are all unique and scrumptious! I mean really, who ever thought of putting duck in a perogy? THESE guys did! & I am not mad about it! Next time I'm checkin out the mexicali ones! Those sound DELISH!! 

& what could go better with perogies than some starbucks! It was smokin hot out today, and I loved it! 

TODAY = Success!!

Now to scout out my next foodnetwork hit!



  1. To be real with you, I don't think I've ever had a perogy in my life. I have, however, joked about the words "parochial" and "perogial" : ) That is so cool that you are trying to visit all the Food Network places! I've been to exactly one - this place in Lexington Guy Fieri went to - pretty awesome bbq. I should try to see where FN has been around here - but I'm doubtful that's anywhere. Also, I'm pretty sure you and I are wearing the same shirt (except mine is pink) : )

  2. i am OBSESSED with perogies! like i could eat them everyday! ha looks like you had a blast girlie! btw you are so pretty!


  3. You need to send that truck to DC right away! My great grandmother used to make the most wonderful, fresh perogies, and now the best I can do is Mrs. T's frozen (which do the trick, I guess). This sounds like the best thing ever!

  4. I've never had a Perogie. I must seek these out! :) I'm visiting Maine for the first time this summer with my dad and step mom and they are hard core foodies! LOL And you better believe we will be hunting down FN places! :) They've already got a few lined up!

  5. You should hijack that truck and drive it to my house asap. K, thx. ;)

  6. I LOVE perogies! My husband thinks I'm crazy. But seriously it's carb heaven! I've never had them traditionally cooked so I know I'd be head over heels for that container of awesome you got. I just boil them at the house and top with a little butter. COMFORT BLISS!

    I wish, wish, WISH food trucks were a trend here in small town Alabama but alas they aren't. Maybe I'll luck out with my vacation trip home to Maryland when I hit up Baltimore or DC!

    Thanks for posting!

  7. I've never even heard of a perogy before. Looks tasty, though! Glad it was worth the hour wait! :)


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