Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Design & Guest Posts!

Hey Hey Hey! Have you noticed Tippee Canoe has had a MAJOR face lift? She is looking pretty fab don't you think? All thanks to the lovely Ashlyn // Let It Be Beautiful

Also! Today you can find me blogging at the most wonderful Autumn's Blog MRS in the Making! We are talking "Do something every day that scares you!" {Yesterday I went on a motorbike ride, I always get so nervous with those!}


Over at the super cute and Australian {jealous} Amy's Blog Amy & The City ! I filled in for the little notes that Amy usually writes! 

Go check it out!! Some pretty fun posts over there if I do say so myself!!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Great design!

    I've never been on a motorcycle - too scared!

  2. Lauren, I love your new design! It's fantastic!

  3. Girl I love the header! Looks great, did you create it yourself??

  4. the new design looks great!

  5. I absolutely adore your new design! And you have the prettiest blue eyes!! I love that picture! I can't wait to read the post about doing scary things every day! It sounds awesome!


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