Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Wish I Wish I Wish

I WISH we only needed like 4 hours of sleep a night! Sometimes I just want more hours in the day! 

I WISH money did grow on trees! I mean much more convenient would that be! 

I WISH my phone would stop going swimming. So NOT convenient to have to drive 3 hours to drop $200 on a new one. Rude.

I WISH my laundry would do itself. Yes, I AM going to wish this every week until it happens.

I WISH that time would slow down a little bit! I feel like everything is going by so fast and I have WAY too many decisions to make in a short amount of time!

Everyone seems to have such good news lately... I WISH I had some good news to celebrate!!

I WISH it could be summer weather already! Sheesh, I am sick of rain rain rain and tornado warnings. Bummer!! I need some HEAT!

I WISH all of you a happy happy hump day! 



  1. I have to say that I agree with so many of these!! I always wish we didn't need as much sleep. I love having time at night and going to sleep is the worst. And I wish my laundry would do itself too...Ugh. That's the worst. And the time! Oh time, it really does pass by so so so fast!

  2. oh the sleep thing ... I say that all the time. sometimes I do get 4 hrs of sleep just to see if I can make my body adjust ... and then I get sick. I guess 4 hrs isn't enough. dangit.

  3. I agree with so many of these!
    BTW: Love your site design!


  4. Every single time I find those flowers I pick em blow em and wish haha!! I wonder where that got started?! I swear I've been doing that since I can remember! I love the way you did the pic. Very cool.

  5. I agree 100% with all of your wishes!

  6. I agree with the sleep and laundry wish, oh and the money wish! That would just make things so much easier!

  7. I wish most of those as well, especially the good news part, I need a little excitement!
    New follower from Amy's blog!


  8. I sooo wish my laundry did itself too!! Then I wouldn't visit the washer and dryer as frequently as I do now! I swear I'm always doing laundry!!

    I also wish I can function with only 4 hours of sleep... b/c I feel the need to stay awake as long as I possibly can knowing I have to wake up as early as 5am for a workout! WAHHHH


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