Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo A Day&Other Instalovin

Oook folks...where the heck did June go?..It is almost time for Photo A Day JULY! what? birthday is in July...actually my birthday is on Wednesday...I kind of was hoping it wouldn't come so quickly? Anyways!! Still need to finish up Photo A Day June! SO!..

Days 23 - 28 were:

23. Movement - windmills!

24. On your mind - need to look ahead and focus on better things to come!

25. Something cute - Aren't these tea pots adorable!?

26. Where you shop - I won't lie... I have a lot of AE clothing...mostly because it is a store that actually fits me...

27. Bathroom - I do not leave my toothbrush on the sink like that {cringe} That one is for jewelry cleaning only! { Also  I am NOT an outfit repeater 2 days in a ok I cheated and forgot to do day 26..}

28. On the shelf - time to clean that up a bit!

In OTHER Insta news!:

I LOVE smoothies! Oh already knew that? weird.

I did some retail therapy!..It works

Baby G started sucking his thumb..stinker.

This was my 11pm...because I some how just for got to eat until then?

Ok Lovelies!! Photo A Day JULY starts on Sunday! Who is up for it? Let me know!! 

Here is the List!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Lusting

So while the winds blow, the clouds roll, the thunder bursts, and the rain pours, I lust for sunny summer days. They could really happen any day now...I would love that! But for now I will just lust over all the clothes and accessories meant for sunshiny days! They'll come soon right?...any day now....


Monday, June 25, 2012

Lemon&Goat Cheese Pasta

There is nothing like eating something light and refreshing for dinner during the summer months!

This a perfect summer meal! Light, Fresh, Quick, Simple & most importantly, Delicious!



-Your pasta of choice! 
- extra virgin olive oil
-goat cheese {either plain or flavoured, we used mediterranean herb}
-Parmesan Cheese


Bring salted water to a boil and cook your pasta as per the package!
While this cooks, cooked thawed chicken in pan with a bit of oil and salt and pepper.
Prepare asparagus on a baking sheet with olive oil and salt and sprinkle parmesan cheese over top.
When pasta and chicken are almost done put the asparagus into the oven on broil just until they become tender and the cheese melted.
Drain your pasta and drizzle with olive oil
Add your goats cheese, and a bit of the pasta water to the bowl of pasta.{The pasta water helps to make the cheese creamy & still keeps the dish full of flavour.}
Toss in chicken, sprinkle a little touch of parsley, squeeze as much lemon as your taste buds desire, and voila! 
You've got a yummy, quick, easy, summer meal!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life Via Photo A Day & Other Instalovin

So! I got a new phone! I tried to act like I didn't know there might be water damage to the other phone. Well that didn't fly lol. So anyways...a new iphone is born! And just in time for some more Photo A Day June! 

Days 14 - 22 are:

14. Time - The time I bought my new phone!

15. Yellow - this pic was taken by accident, but I was wearing a yellow hoody so it works!

16. Out & About - working at the grub for greg fundraiser!

17. In Your Bag - oh just an assortment of things...and a ton of lip chap...oh and a parking ticket..bummer

18. Something you don't know about me - When I get a hold of a good book, I will stay up ALL night to finish it.

19. Imperfect - I RARELY make my bed!

20. Fave photo you've ever taken - Sunrise on top of a volcano!

21. Where you slept - in the messy bed!

22. From a high angle - lazy friday night hair!

In other Instagram News!:

I ate breakfast for every meal one day. I wasn't mad about it!

I thought this chandelier looked pretty fancy!

We got some nice strawberries from the gardner. mmm mm!

I went running and it was nothing but blue skies...instead of rainy skies!

This handsome man slept over!

My first picture back to instagram...I was actually going thru with drawals!

 Are you doing Photo A Day? Let me know!! 


Just simply follow me @ xolocoopxo

Happy Weekend!! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Design & Guest Posts!

Hey Hey Hey! Have you noticed Tippee Canoe has had a MAJOR face lift? She is looking pretty fab don't you think? All thanks to the lovely Ashlyn // Let It Be Beautiful

Also! Today you can find me blogging at the most wonderful Autumn's Blog MRS in the Making! We are talking "Do something every day that scares you!" {Yesterday I went on a motorbike ride, I always get so nervous with those!}


Over at the super cute and Australian {jealous} Amy's Blog Amy & The City ! I filled in for the little notes that Amy usually writes! 

Go check it out!! Some pretty fun posts over there if I do say so myself!!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Wish I Wish I Wish

I WISH we only needed like 4 hours of sleep a night! Sometimes I just want more hours in the day! 

I WISH money did grow on trees! I mean much more convenient would that be! 

I WISH my phone would stop going swimming. So NOT convenient to have to drive 3 hours to drop $200 on a new one. Rude.

I WISH my laundry would do itself. Yes, I AM going to wish this every week until it happens.

I WISH that time would slow down a little bit! I feel like everything is going by so fast and I have WAY too many decisions to make in a short amount of time!

Everyone seems to have such good news lately... I WISH I had some good news to celebrate!!

I WISH it could be summer weather already! Sheesh, I am sick of rain rain rain and tornado warnings. Bummer!! I need some HEAT!

I WISH all of you a happy happy hump day! 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grub For Greg

 Remember when I introduced you to Greg HERE ? & told you about the fundraiser being thrown for him and his little family? 

If you don't remember or you missed it! Greg was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour months ago and has since had 4 surgeries and is currently undergoing radiation treatment. This fundraiser was thrown to help show love, support and hopefully be able to lighten the load of these lovely people whom I just happen to love so so much!

Well Grub For Greg was a huge success! It was amazing to see the generosity of others! So many people not only showed up to show their support, but more than generously donated to this special cause.

They are a hugely important part in our family and we love them so much!

Thank you to everyone who so willingly donated! We all appreciate your love and kindness, especially Greg and Erinn!

If you still want to donate the online pay pal account is open HERE