Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Da, You Da Best

Just wanted to give a shout out today to all wonderful girls who babysat TippeeCanoe for me while I was away! You girls were/are fantastic! Thanks for your all things travel posts! So fun!

If you didn't check out their blogs when they were guest posting, make you do!

BIG thanks to: 

Melissa LivingHolland

Michelle OnTheAdventure

Rosie Craftbotics

Also, I of course I want to say thanks to all of you, who keep up with and support and comment on all of my random ridiculousness that makes its way out through my writing and pictures! 
I adore you all! 
Recently I have had a few people tell me they really like my blog and didn't know you can follow even if you don't have your own blog! It is super easy! Just click on the join this site button of the left side bar and all you need is an email address! So if you read me and like me go ahead and join! That way I know who is all keeping up with me and my nonsense!

To say a big thanks I will be doing a give away once I hit 100. So we have 6 more to go! It will be a fun giveaway for the spring/ summer! So make sure you check it out when it's up! 



  1. ooh, maybe i can join twice ... i like giveaways. and, great job to the girls. they definitely kept me entertained while you were off basking in the sun. :)

  2. You're welcome- and your blog is one of my very favorites. I love when blogs give me the "we'd be friends in real life" vibe:)

  3. cute cute cute cute blog!!! i love it! you are darling!!

  4. Reason number 203982 why I just need your hair. In the most non-creepy way possible, promise!

    I just want that braid on my head. Baah


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