Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo A Day May & other Instawesomeness

I won't even lie to you.. the second month of photo a day has been a little rough. BUT I am still on a role! {pat on my back}

Day 1 - 7 are:

1. Peace - I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SIGN! please?

2. Skyline. ok so Alberta sunsets aren't so bad.

3. something I wore - I Work Ouuuut! 

4. Fun. learning a card game called "killer bunnies". It was...fun?

5. Bird - follow the leader

6. Me. with mr Grayson at church!

7. Someone who inspires me. Best sister ever! She is strong and beautiful, and such a wonderful momma. what a great example! loves her.

In other instagram news:

I can't stop taking pictures of G baby. He's just the cutest.

Bella is the most fantastic dog.ever.

The weather in alberta throws me for a loop. snow one day, sun sun sunny and hot the next. Quit playing games with my heart!

Linds and I can really throw together a decent meal with improv ingredients!..not to mention some mean lemon tarts!

Are you doing mayphotoaday? let me know!! & go ahead and add me on instagram {at} xolocoopxo



  1. Okay, how precious is that baby!!! So Cute!

  2. aww what a precious little one!

  3. Grayson really is such a cutie!! :) I wouldn't be able to stop taking pictures either! Haha. And that food looks so good!!

  4. those tarts look so yummy! i mean so yummy! i can almost taste them lol


  5. That baby is adorable! (And... I'm your 100th follower!) Come say hi sometime!

  6. Awe great photos! How cute is your dog!! So adorable!

    IBM having a cool giveaway on my blog, you should def check it out!

  7. Cute photos, love. I've been TERRIBLE at May Photo a Day. Oops!! Getting back on track today! =)



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