Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo A Day May & Other Instaloving

Day 8- 14 were lots of fun! So here they are!

8. A smell you adore- I LOVE the smell of the ocean! Seriously l.o.v.e. LOVE it!

9. Something you do everyday- YOGA

10. A favourite word- IMAGINE... whats life with out some imagination?

11. Kitchen- I thought this one was super random. but there you have it!

12. Something that makes you HAPPY- Its always silly little things that make me the happiest. like this little sun on a napkin ready to say good morning to me at breakfast. Lovely.

13. Mum- I sure love my momma!

14. Grass- and a dandelion I found on my walk..thought it was a perfect reminder to link up your wishes here on Wednesday!

 In Other Instagram News:

Bella got a hair cut!
I took a weekend trip to visit friends I haven't seen in far too long! We ate the yummiest food, and I might have fell in love with my coral pants!
I found a new cute hair do!
Mother's Day was a great day, full of walks, flowers, brunch, and some soccer.
My bestie gave me a much needed pedicure!!

 Hope you all had a great week and weekend! On to another week we go! Hoping your monday has been fantastic! Let me know if you are doing Photo A Day May! I'd love to see your pictures!

You can find me on instagram {at} xolocoopxo


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  1. love your photos!
    the tulips are gorgeous!
    mine finally bloomed and i LOVE them! :)
    (i really hope the flowers you posted are tulips..otherwise im an idiot..oops! haha)


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