Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo A Day May & Other Instalovin

Days 15 - 21 of Photo A Day May are as follows!:

15. Love - It's no secret I love Bella..she is just the best pup out there!

16. What you're reading! I have LOVED reading since I can remember. I burn through books so fast I usually run out of things to read!

17. Snack...cantaloupe mmm

18. Something you made - these lovelies will be part of the giveaway. COMING SOON!

19. A favourite place. YOGA. I tried hot yoga for the first time. I have literally never sweat like that EVER! Gross and yet oh.so.fantastic!

20. Something you can't live without. CHURCH!

21. Where you Stand. or sit? I was digging the couch, some mini wheats and Top Chef Canada.

In Other Instagram News!:

Apparently I keep extra work masks in all my pockets? They tend to make their way out in the wash! Better start really checking my pockets!

I get to babysit that cute/hilarious/rambunctious little boy!

Another weekend trip to Calgary equals : Lots of walking and exploring the city and lots of boosterjuice!

Let me know if you are doing Photo A Day May so I can find you and follow you! {not that that sounds creepy or anything!} 

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. Lovely photos.. your pup is adorable, and the bracelets you made are so pretty!! xo


  2. Those bracelets are too cute girlie!! Saw em on Pinterest and it's been on the to do list for DIY with the rest of my entire DIY board!! Gotta get crackin' on those... hopefully the summer will bring the art-teeeest out in me ;)

  3. Bella is adorable! I love books too. have you read the Secret Garden or the 13th Tale yet? they're soooo good. If you haven't be sure to check them out you will not be dissapointed I promise. Great post!

  4. I love reading too. Theres nothing better than getting sucked into a good book. Got any recommendations?


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