Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meet Gregory, Gregumms, Groogs, or just simply GREG!

Ok so it is quite possible I may get murdered for sharing all of those LOVELY nick names we have so lovingly given one of our favorite people in our family. But it is also quite possible he will be flattered? Yup I'm pretty sure he's flattered! 

Anyways, want to hear about someone who is fantastic? I thought you might.

Greg became a part of our family 10 years ago when he married our dear Erinn. I am pretty positive we all called it after their very first date. Except my mom would probably tell you she knew it even before! {she has a six sense like that}. Anyways. You can read a little about how much I adore their two little boys, and also how much I look up to Erinn Here!

But now I want to tell you a little about Greg! He is one accomplished and amazing guy. We absolutely love having him in this family. I have always been able to see how much he loves and adores Erinn and I appreciate that about him. Even if he does yank her chain sometimes! ;) 
He is a wonderful father. He loves Cooper and Mickey so so much and always makes sure to spend quality time with them, and make them laugh. Like doing magic tricks with the breakfast food! He is a lot of fun like that and always entertaining us with jokes or his singing during a good rock band session.
Greg is also a doctor and an accomplished author, writing two books and medical articles. 
Needless to say he is pretty loved and admired around these parts.

Greg also has cancer. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor months ago and has since had multiple surgeries and just started radiation therapy. I have never seen two stronger people going through a trial. Greg and Erinn never fail to amaze, even when going through something so life changing. They still have a sense of humour and it is so good to see. 

Their little family and our whole family have been blessed through this trial in countless ways. It is amazing to see how much people will reach out when others are in need.

I wanted to bring this to all of your attention not only to let Greggums know how much we love him, but also to let you blogger friends know about a fundraiser that is being done in Greg's behalf to help make things just a little bit easier on them through out this time.

If you would like to learn more about Greg and Erinn and how to support them through the fundraiser you can head on over and check out Grub For Greg .

{and yes greg, I totally creeped your fb to get that awesome first picture of you. you're welcome :P }



  1. What a nice post about Greg, and what a beautiful family. Im sending lots of positive thoughts their way.


  2. Aw! Loolee! Thank you for posting such a nice note about Groogs. We love you!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Those are supposed to be hearts! hahahaha!

  3. Hey doll- first off, amazing post...thanks for sharing this. Cancer is such an awful terrible heartless thing. My thoughts are with you guys. I'm here if you ever need to chat!

  4. Greg sounds like an amazing man :) saying prayer for y'all!

  5. Greg sounds simply amazing and a great fit for yall's family. Our family also knows the hardships of disease and I can promise our entire family will be praying!


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