Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Wishin&Hopin&Thinkin&Dreamin

I WISH to forewarn you that I am straight up grouchy today!

I WISH there was no such thing as migraines that take away your vision and make you nauseous. This rotten thing has just started to let up. Rude.

I WISH I could have a good look into the future and see what my life is like in 5 years or something. Would make decisions a little be easier!

I WISH I had 12 ME's so that I could go in all the directions I feel pulled into and still get everything done! 

I WISH sleep wasn't necessary! Such a waste of time. But yet so lovely and so so so so so so necessary!

I WISH my laundry would do itself. Yes that would be the same laundry I wished to do itself last Wednesday.. you think it would get the message by now!

I WISH you all the best Wednesday ever! 

Now I am headed back to the dark dark room to shove my face in my pillow and wish this headache all the way away. Productive I know!

Link up if you have some wishes you would like to get off your chest!


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  1. I've had one migraine in my life and it was TERRIBLE..I had to go to work as well. I feel so bad. I hope your day gets better!

  2. I feel your pain lauren. I hate migraines. i've had them since I was 24. I can tell you that they do get less and less as you get older. Going to the chiropractor once or 2x a month has really helped. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Migraines are no good. I have sinus headaches all of the time. Drive my crazy!

  4. Ah I get migraines too! I'm so sorry. They are HELL.Excedrin migraine=gold.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream


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