Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Wish I Was a little bit taller...I Wish I Was a baller.. ;)

*you are welcome it really is the title*

I WISH Alberta weather could decide whether it wants to be HOT or COLD because the last couple of days have been soooo nice! Really sunny, not so windy and just plain old beautiful! For example, it is 9:00 am and 18 degrees out..which is 65 degrees for you American folk! & yes I did just google that. Anywho ..its supposed to snow tomorrow..ha. jokes on us! Thanks a lot mother nature!

I WISH I had a teleportation device. I'm pretty sure I have wished this before...but seriously! Could someone get on that? I HATE driving. I NEED one NOW! k thanks.

I WISH my laundry would do itself. Ugggh

I WISH allergies didn't exist and come along with good weather. It's like the worst catch 22 ever! You want nice weather? suuuuure you can have it....but then you can also have itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and a runny nose! you're welcome! boo you allergies.

I WISH the shoes I tried on yesterday weren't too wide for my feet. Apparently my feet are "too slender" says the shoes sales woman. They were SO cute. Shoot.

I WISH you all good luck with MY GIVEAWAY next week!! whoop whoop! Keep your eyes peeled for it! 

I WISH I could go for a bike ride today...oh wait I AM! {smile smile smile}
My bicycle and I have a really special relationship..she's purple and has the name beach cruiser..nuff said.


are wishing anything today? link up and let me know!!!

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  1. love that song of your title even though I haven't heard it in like a million years :)

    I wish I was you and going on that bike ride!

  2. It sounds like Alberta and Ontario are going to be switching weather. It's been pretty yucky here the past few days (although no snow! whew!) but it's supposed to be hot all weekend. Enjoy your day of sunshine and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get rain and not snow ;)

  3. Our weather has been seriously crazy too! My whole family has been dealing with allergy issues. I hear you on the laundry. Mine is always piled up. Enjoy your sunny day and your bike ride :)

  4. Seriously, how do we not have the ability to teleport yet?!

  5. Cute link up idea. I wish I heard about it sooner. And ummm...yes boo you allergies - why you gotta get all up in my face.

    I have wide feet - it's an even worse problem.

  6. haha i was super confused with the 18 degrees thing. thanks for the translation! :)

  7. Yay for Celsius! I want a beach cruiser more than anything! and a beach would be nice while im at it!

  8. I wish Phoenix would make up it's mind too... It was bright, sunny, and hot today dark, windy and cold tonight!

  9. you. are. awesome. LOVE IT!!!

  10. i'm looking forward to your giveaway. and i hubby would get home! and that he won't be completely worn out from his long day :)


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