Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So I decided to do this the old school kind of way & pick names out of a jar! {dorky, I know!}
Anywho, I find it works quite nicely! 
If you entered and see your name above...YAY!! Thanks for participating! & thanks to everyone who entered! There will be a better one once Tippee Canoe hits 200! {we will see if that happens!}

AMELIE you my dear won these:

So pick 3 of the colors you see and I will make those up for you and send them on their way! 

Taylor you won these:

So literally pick any 2 colors you like because as you can see I have an entire book full of any color under the rainbow...and then some!!

Amanda these are for you!! You can have this set of three OR a mix of your choice! {only in these colors though}

Dani these are yours!:

You can have the set of three shown or swap one or two out for a coconut shell button!{straight from Hawaii!}

Alright you lovely winners! Want to redeem your prizes? Of course you do! So please please email me and let me know your color choices and your mailing addresses so I can get these made and sent off to you ASAP!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You da best! Make sure you enter the next one! 200 followers! It'll be a good one!



  1. great giveaway!!! congrats to the winners!

  2. I so love that you chose names out of a jar! =)

  3. No way! You just totally made my day!!! YAY! :)

  4. YES! this is exactly how I do my giveaways! LOVE it!! love the pics of you, youre so cute!

  5. Eeeeeep! Yays!! I love those! Email being sent off!

  6. did you make those first bracelets?? i found a DIY for those on pinterest-were they difficult to make?

  7. def a gr8 way to choose your winners!!


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