Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So I decided to do this the old school kind of way & pick names out of a jar! {dorky, I know!}
Anywho, I find it works quite nicely! 
If you entered and see your name above...YAY!! Thanks for participating! & thanks to everyone who entered! There will be a better one once Tippee Canoe hits 200! {we will see if that happens!}

AMELIE you my dear won these:

So pick 3 of the colors you see and I will make those up for you and send them on their way! 

Taylor you won these:

So literally pick any 2 colors you like because as you can see I have an entire book full of any color under the rainbow...and then some!!

Amanda these are for you!! You can have this set of three OR a mix of your choice! {only in these colors though}

Dani these are yours!:

You can have the set of three shown or swap one or two out for a coconut shell button!{straight from Hawaii!}

Alright you lovely winners! Want to redeem your prizes? Of course you do! So please please email me and let me know your color choices and your mailing addresses so I can get these made and sent off to you ASAP!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You da best! Make sure you enter the next one! 200 followers! It'll be a good one!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo A Day May + Other InstaLove + NEW button!

Happy Tuesday!!

First item of business { Do I sound professional?}

I have a new button up & if you have my button on your blog I would REALLY really appreciate it and love you if you could go ahead and put this one up instead!

It's kinda cute right? & maybe a little better than the other ones?



<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" height="200" width="200" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a>

Now as for Photo A Day May! 

Days 22-28 are:

22. Pink! "I believe in wearing pink.." I also believe in having pink toes!

23. technology- ok I didn't fail, I took a picture and am not sure what happened to it? It was a picture of my phone bill on my computer, which has been a total amount of $0 for four months now!

24. something new- being in bed before midnight!

25. unusual - usually the dishes are taken care of in this house. for some reason they really built up for a few days!

26. 12 o'clock - trying to figure out what to do with my hair!...I curled it!..surprise

27. Something sweet - pancakes with fruit and some berry sauce. mmm

28. the weather - it was gloomy and crappy out! Boo. {i was running so its way blurry!}


In OTHER insta news:

Linds and I made yummy apps to eat while watching Idol Finale. yay Phil!!

I got lots of baking requests! , I get bored and make smiley faces in cookies?

I bought myself something I have been eyeing for months! 

Are you lovelies getting ready for Photo A Day June?..I think I can do this 3 months in a row. I think.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Faith vs Fear!

Good Morning there lovelies!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday/long weekend for those of you who are lucky enough to have be enjoying one!

Today you can find me guest posting over at the most wonderful Covered In Grace ! It's time to get a little deeper than usual we are talking letting your FAITH be bigger than your fear! Make sure you check it out!

ALSO make sure you participate in her link up! How to is below!  

ALSO don't forget to participate in the TIPPEE CANOE GIVEAWAY! you have until Wednesday!



Covered in Grace

Alright Lovely Ladies {and Gents}... 
It's your turn. 
Link up your favorite posts-all week long! 
Woo us to you blog. Let us get to know you! 
Meet other amazing bloggers and extend your blogging community! 

Party Rules 
1. Link to your blog's main page, or your specific's your choice! =)
2. Grab the button above and include it somewhere on your blog so your readers can come see what the fun is all about!
3. Make sure you visit (and comment) on other posts linked up-- what fun is a party if no one talks to each other? Make some new friends!
4. You must be a follower of Covered in Grace to link up. And pretty please follow our lovely guest poster as well.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitness Friday

Ok Lovelies! Happy Friday!! 
Sorry Fitness Friday took a little break last week, but that migraine lasted for an entire week! Ugh.
Anywho, we are back!
This week we are talking ZUMBA! you guys, I have been doing Zumba for over a year now and holy moly do I love it!

Not only do you have SO much fun doing it! {ok maybe you look kind of ridiculous} But seriously its fun! You can burn up to 500 calories or more in ONE work out! 

Uh who wouldn't want to have fun while burning calories!?

Don't even worry if you aren't the best dancer.. you will get the moves down..and honestly you'll start to feel kind of sexy...and ridiculous all at the same time!

And if you aren't down for shaking your booty {and every other part of your body} in front of other people, you can get the classes on the WII now. I know I know, when I heard it was on the Wii I laughed too. But I bought it anyways, and I kid you not, I get just as good of a work out as at class!!

SO WORTH IT!! NOW GO SHAKE YOUR BOOTY...get it girl! {wink}


at least go do something good for your booty this weekend!! You know you want to!!

P.S.- Don't forget to still check out the giveaway below!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i wish wednesday GIVEAWAY!

Today's I Wish Wednesday is a special one! It's a GiveAway! 
So this week I wish that you will all participate!

I don't know about you lovelies but I L.O.V.E colourful accessories for the spring and summer! It is an easy way to add some colour to ANY outfit! So I have made you FOUR options! Depending on how many times you enter, you can have a chance to win any of the four items! Yay!

So here is what you need to do!

Follow TippeeCanoe via GFC, TWEET, BLOG, Add this link to FACEBOOK, or PIN this giveaway to Pinterest.

For extra entries:

Follow me on Pinterest

Follow me on Instagram

Follow me on Twitter

Like My FB page HERE

After you do any of those or ALL of them, leave a comment telling me which ones you did to enter, and your name will be entered that many times! If you win, I will contact you with which item you have won and then we will discuss colors you prefer!! So fun!

So ENTER!! Winners will be announced Next Wednesday so you have ONE whole week to make sure you enter!!

Happy Wednesday! I hope your wish it that you'll win! I know I'm wishing you will!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo A Day May & Other Instalovin

Days 15 - 21 of Photo A Day May are as follows!:

15. Love - It's no secret I love Bella..she is just the best pup out there!

16. What you're reading! I have LOVED reading since I can remember. I burn through books so fast I usually run out of things to read!

17. Snack...cantaloupe mmm

18. Something you made - these lovelies will be part of the giveaway. COMING SOON!

19. A favourite place. YOGA. I tried hot yoga for the first time. I have literally never sweat like that EVER! Gross and yet!

20. Something you can't live without. CHURCH!

21. Where you Stand. or sit? I was digging the couch, some mini wheats and Top Chef Canada.

In Other Instagram News!:

Apparently I keep extra work masks in all my pockets? They tend to make their way out in the wash! Better start really checking my pockets!

I get to babysit that cute/hilarious/rambunctious little boy!

Another weekend trip to Calgary equals : Lots of walking and exploring the city and lots of boosterjuice!

Let me know if you are doing Photo A Day May so I can find you and follow you! {not that that sounds creepy or anything!} 

Happy Tuesday!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Must Haves VIA Lauren...the other Lauren that is! :)

Hey there again lovelies! 
Hope your Monday was kick A. Incase it wasn't here is the guest post I was talking about earlier!
The Oh.So.Lovely. Lauren read my mind and wrote up this guest post for me without even knowing I needed one this weekend! ...We decided it's because we have the same name! Anyways, she is awesome and here tonight to let you in on some of her summer must haves! Check out her blog! You will Loooove it!
And I am off to watch some bachelorette and then get to my own bed! You know, sometimes you just really miss your own bed when you aren't in it for a few nights!



Hello lovely readers!
I am Lauren from Pink on the Cheek, or POTC for short. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup must-haves for the summer months!
It's important to find items that are quick and easy to apply and won't sweat off your face. These items below will last you all summer and having you look fresh for any occasion!

 First off:
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

This cream is a 5 in 1 secret. 
It is a moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, and even has SPF 35. 
This is my go to item on my days off from work when I need some quick cover up.

The next item is a bright lipstick.

I am wearing Electric Pink by Smashbox.
I have good luck with matte lipsticks. When you find a great one like Smashbox, it just glides on easy and just sticks. No smudges, no check ups during the day, you are good to go!

Next is a great lotion.You are going to be wearing shorts and skirts most of the summer.
With shaving your legs constantly, you want to keep them smooth but not have that sweaty feeling.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I am in love with this lotion because it goes on quickly and it not sticky.
You feel moisturized the whole day PLUS  it smells great!

So those are my summer must haves. You shouldn't be doing too much makeup while you are in the sun because the most important thing to wear is sunscreen!
Plus having lots of makeup sweat off your face is not a good look.

I hope you stop by my blog after reading this, I would love to have you!


Long weekend!

Hello my lovelies!! Shoot I miss you guys! I've been away all weekend {it's the long weekend over here in good ol Canada! I did not bring my lap top because I'm silly! So I have been M.I.A! I had a great guest post all lined up for today and am blogging from my phone soooo it won't work! So look forward to that later this week instead! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday and that your weekend was the best! See you again tomorrow for some photo a day may lovin!! Xoxo

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blabbering Thoughts!

Hey there lovelies! 

Today you can find me over on Blabbering Thoughts . 

I am super excited to be guest blogging for the wonderful Tiffany today! 


Excited that its an all about Hawaii Post! SO FUN!

Make sure you check IT out!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Wishin&Hopin&Thinkin&Dreamin

I WISH to forewarn you that I am straight up grouchy today!

I WISH there was no such thing as migraines that take away your vision and make you nauseous. This rotten thing has just started to let up. Rude.

I WISH I could have a good look into the future and see what my life is like in 5 years or something. Would make decisions a little be easier!

I WISH I had 12 ME's so that I could go in all the directions I feel pulled into and still get everything done! 

I WISH sleep wasn't necessary! Such a waste of time. But yet so lovely and so so so so so so necessary!

I WISH my laundry would do itself. Yes that would be the same laundry I wished to do itself last Wednesday.. you think it would get the message by now!

I WISH you all the best Wednesday ever! 

Now I am headed back to the dark dark room to shove my face in my pillow and wish this headache all the way away. Productive I know!

Link up if you have some wishes you would like to get off your chest!


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