Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Lauren...another Lauren! She's got a pretty cool name.

Hey everyone! 
Hope your week is going good! I donno about you but I am loving getting to know these wonderful guest posters of mine! They.are.awesome. Today Lauren from PinkontheCheek is here telling you about her last vacation to Maui! But this lucky girl lives where she can go the beach any day..I'm just a little bit big deal! 


Hello lovely Tipee Canoe readers!
I am taking over Lauren's blog today since she is on a beautiful island soaking in the sun.
I was very happy to be one of her guest bloggers while she took some time off, so when you are done reading this post you can head right on over to my blog at 
Pink on the Cheek
and keep on reading more about me!

It has been awhile since I went on a real vacay.
Going to the beach here in the OC or heading to Vegas is not a real vacation.
I mean on an island, views of the water on all sides of me, pina colada in my hand, toes in the sand, tan lines for days, vacation.
For at least a week.
My favorite vacation was with my boyfriend and our two friends Jordan and Lucy.
We planned to do something BIG when E finished his first year of law school, and BIG was going to 
It was his focus point to get through the long days and nights of studying non-stop.
And boy did it pay off when we headed to the airport for 10 days of relaxation!
Since Lauren is in lovely Maui right now, I would love to share pictures from my vacation.
I cannot wait to go back!!

At the Old Lahaina Luau

getting off the boat from Molokini

Enjoying Kaanapali Beach

Wish I was back there!

Sporting this years coolest snorkel gear

Two sexy snorkeling babes

I see the fishes under the water

That was hot Captain Dan in the back. I made Lucy take my picture with him in the background!

We went to Turtle Town to swim with the turtles!

E was so happy to get on the plane to Maui

Beach front room.

View from our second hotel's room!

Dinner in downtown Lahaina

Funny story, I didn't think that actually was for steering the ship. I thought it was for pictures. Nope, I was moving the boat on the way to Molokini!

E took a swing  at the boat driving as well, I see the crater!

 I hope you all have a great week, and you too Lauren!


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  1. looks like fun... i love the snorkeling pic! haha!!


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