Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Feeling Thoughtful

* warning, this post may (does) contain deep, sporadic, and somewhat irrelevant ramblings*

I know I'm usually full of Har Har's and all that. {wait what? I'm not that funny?}.. But today we are getting deep, don't worry..your feet will still touch the bottom of the pool.

Somehow Hawaii does that to me. Gets me thinking.
And what better a way to do that than to walk up and down the beach as the sun beats on your neck while it sets. Hawaii always seems to come at a time when I need it most. When the winds of change are in my life.  Something to cushion the blow of defeat, disappointment, and feelings of insecurity. Like a good friend who always knows just the right words to say. Hawaii, you are a good friend. 

Anyways, this sunset got me thinking about something I've been trying some what avoid...Change.

Sometimes things fall apart. For whatever reason they just do. No matter how long or hard you try to keep it from happening, your life is just simply meant to go another direction. And so it does. 
Change doesn't necessarily scare me anymore. I've learnt to embrace it. Just like I've learnt to embrace life. Life is good. Sometimes it's hard, but it's good.
One of my favorite quotes about life comes from the poet Mary Oliver.

-"tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

I absolutely love that! What are you going to do with life? It's wild and it's precious! It sure is!
Life is precious and like I've learnt, life is meant to be enjoyed not just endured!

Amidst all the trials{they are inevitable} we should learn to find the joy along the way{it is there I promise}. 

Like a Hawaiian sunset , gorgeous flowers, fresh fruit, and my favorite fish tacos! Or the simple fact of spending time with family, and getting to return to that handsome little Grayson face & cuddles from Bella

Sometimes it takes an escape, a getaway, a vacay from day to day life, to realize that it's ok if things fall apart. It is ok to enjoy life even during the trials, because after all.. Life is precious.

So what am I going to do with my one wild and precious life? Shoot.. I am going to enjoy it! No matter where it takes me!

Bring it on CHANGE! Hit me with your best shot!.. This ain't my first rodeo! {insert all other cliche macho sayings here}



  1. Great writing. Your photos are beautiful. Ive been to Hawaii a couple of times, and I would have to agree. It brings out the real authentic self. Glad to hear Hawaii blessed you too. And those tacos look delish ;) Knock em dead!


  2. Oh my goodness - Hawaii looks wonderful, and you are just too adorable. I feel the same way about change - you capture it perfectly!

    Happy Sunday, dear!

    Keep Shining,

  3. Lauren.

    First of all HEY GORGEOUS girl. You are so pretty! Secondly--good for you. Change IS a tough thing, in most cases. I know all about it. I've had so many things fall a part and so many changes occur so quickly, it has literally thrown me into some of the most darkest times of my life... but only to be redeemed by some of the most learning and growing I have done as a human being. So much, that now I welcome change. And I look forward to it. I know that the adjusting and transitioning will be hard, but well worth it in the end. I'm excited for you!!! And also, I LOVE Hawaii. Would love to live there for a little while someday. DEF a place that gets you thinking and delivers a tremendous amount of peace :)

  4. Hibiscus, sunset and tacos!? WHAAAAAAA!!!!! Love it girlie!

    And AMEN to just enjoying life... really live like you were dying and soak up every moment for what it's worth.. it's hard to be present when we're constantly worrying about the future, but with the support and reminders from each other, we can do it!!!


  5. Isn't it amazing what a Hawaiian sunset can inspire? I have been many times and sat there while basking in that beautiful sunrise/sunset. It consistently reminds me that change is okay. Every day is a new day a new one and we continuously learn. Love this post. Love your blog.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  6. i love this ... and that last picture. that one got to me. oh life, you are so amazing.

  7. love this post- thanks for sharing it! Glad that your vaca gave you this clarity :) the ocean has that wonderful effect!

  8. HECK YES YOU ARE! Its an adventure that you need to seriously. wholeheartedly. overwhelmingly love and enjoy :)

  9. Hawaii looks amazing! I've never been! You photos are great and might I add how adorable you are! So glad I found your blog today! Love your outlook on change.


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