Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I WIsh Wednesday!

I Wish I was born in Hawaii, to the same wonderful family, growing up with the same wonderful friends. yes, I wish EVERYONE I love and adore {you} could be in Hawaii with me. It would just make it all that much better!

I Wish light switches that turn on lights with fans were never invented. I don't always need the fan on when I am in there. Can't you just come separate?

I Wish tanning was healthy for you and you could never get burnt or skin cancer from it! It is just so lovely...why does it have to be bad? Not that it stops me {it probably should} I.Love.To.Be.Tanned. It's just the facts.

I Wish everyone could be caring and nice. Period.

I Wish for my family to know how much I love and appreciate them. Sometimes it takes a holiday for me to get all mushy and gushy and realize I could never live with out them! Good quality time or absence, really does make the heart grow fonder! 

I Wish I never left I said CAN YOU NOT ALL JUST LIVE HERE WITH ME!?? pretty please?

I Wish I could eat my weight in fresh fruit...oh wait..I think I may have done that one!

I Wish that once you painted your nails they could never chip..they would just stay perfect until you wanted to change the colour. 

& Incase I haven't said it enough...I Wish you were ALL here with me and we could get our tan on,  eat a lot of good food, go for runs on the beach together, and you know just party it up Hawaii style. But, alas...I shall live this adventure for all of you. I'm Happy to do it! {Insert the biggest smiley face you ever did see}

DONT FORGET TO LINK UP! know you want to!!


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  1. Ughhh, I wish I was there, too...

  2. Wow you must really love Hawaii! I've actually never been to Hawaii, but (fingers crossed) we're going this summer! I totally agree with the fresh fruit thing thought! Strawberries FTW!

  3. I am so jay you're in 808 land, but you deserve it girrrrl! Hard work pays off in the glistening sun ;)

    I WISH I was with ya too!! Have a blast in a glass!

  4. Man you are making me jealous lady! ps- i am with you on the tanning and the polish!

  5. I wish the same stuff about tanning. I've pretty much sworn it off (though it goes without saying that I'll TOTALLY go tanning before my wedding), but I am sad about being pasty.

    I'm with you on the nails too. Even my shellac, which never chips, needs to come off after two weeks because of growth. But still. Two weeks is pretty reasonable.


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