Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday!

This week is General Conference for our church. Which means, no makeup/doing hair/real clothes, PJ's all day, being surrounded by family, feeling an enormous Spirit around us, and listening to beautiful uplifting messages from the leaders of our church. 

As I am sure most would agree with me, growing up, conference was a time to stay in your pjs and doze on the couch, while being lulled off to sleep by soothing Elderly voices. Am I right? 
Yet, the older I get, the more I come to appreciate and look forward to the messages that are shared on these days. Don't get me wrong, I am still happy as a clam that I don't have to get dressed or put makeup on. But I sincerely look forward to these Conferences and pay very close attention to what the speakers have to share. I especially look forward to hearing from Pres. Uchtdorf because his messages ALWAYS touch directly to my heart (listening to his accent doesn't hurt much either!)

We watch Conference online and you can too! OVER HERE! 

Hope everyone has had a spectacular weekend :)
I know I did, with a snuggly puppy and that cute yawny baby who likes to cuddle in the quilt I made him! *sigh* life is good



  1. holy cow. super cute baby alert!


  2. isn't he though?? I swear he gets cuter every day!!

  3. Yay for General Conference! :] And for an adorable baby! He is absolutely adorable!!! I love the picture where he is yawning!

  4. absolutely love seeing general conference all over the blogging world this morning! :)
    what a perfect weekend!!
    xo TJ

    1. Conference always makes for a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. yaaay! Jammy Church!! haha only kidding. I totally know what you mean. Conference is the best. Also, I love Pres. uchtdorf. He is one hot german.
    I just said that.

  6. The pup AND baby are so adorable! Thank you for your sweet comment dear, I'm following you right back xo


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