Friday, April 13, 2012

Fitness Friday!

So here's the deal! I was way too busy giving lots of cuddles and loves to Grayson yesterday to prepare todays fitness friday. Also since I have to head to work super early I don't have time to write anything amazingly helpful this week!!

But here are some motivational quotes to think about every time you are thinking, "oh it won't make a difference today, I'll do it tomorrow, I already ate something"naughty" so I'll try again tomorrow." You know all of those thoughts that set us back!

I seriously love all of these! But I really really like the "strive for progress, not perfection" Being skinny doesn't mean anything! It is all about being fit and healthy! There is no such thing as perfect, so if you run 10 more minutes than last time..thats progress! 
I also love the "think you won't make a difference with one run?" I always think this one to myself when I am feeling like slacking on my work outs, or eating something "naughty". It is easy to think "oh it won't make a difference if I miss one work out!" But guess what! It WILL make a difference if you DO that work out! 

Happy Weekend everyone! Go do something active! Your body will thank you and I promise you'll feel good about it!! {hoping the weather is nicer for you wherever you are!, its raining buckets over}



  1. Love these motivational statements .. they really do help! Happy Friday.


  2. Oh man, I totally needed to read these!! Maybe I'll go for a walk after work. :) Have a good weekend!


  3. ohh thank you for posting this! I LOVE the 'strive for progress not perfection'

  4. All of those quotes are AMAZING.
    Not gonna lie, they made me feel a little guilty:)

  5. amen to "I'll start tomorrow"... I'm infamous for that!!

    On the good note, starting tomorrow morning off right with a bootcamp work out in the am :) Happy weekend girlie!!

    1. Bootcamp is killer! I hope it went well and that you had a fantastic weekend!

  6. new to your blog! i'm excited to follow!


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