Friday, April 20, 2012

Fitness Friday Hawaii Style

My fitness advice this week is short and sweet!

Eat A LOT of fruit. Seriously just do it!

Did you know you can eat as many apples and strawberries as you want without gaining a pound! Also fruits like kiwis and grapes help to clean out your arteries and keep them nice and healthy and unclogged! That's a fact! Who doesn't love a healthy heart?! Also the white pulp on orange peels helps to naturally whiten your teeth.. Not a ton but enough! 
So eat.your.fruit. It's tasty anyways!

Also head to your nearest beach. You'll use muscles running on that thing that you never knew you even had! Plus the views not bad either! Sun,sand,ocean. And if you are lucky some hot beach boys might be there that like to get up early and run too! I'm sorry but if you are a guy and like to do that.. It's pretty possible you are my soulmate.. I sure hope you live in Hawaii!

Anywho, happy weekend my lovelies. Thanks for sticking around while I am on vacay!Now go do something healthy! Your body will love you for it!



  1. Fitness Friday?! I'm in.
    I live on fruit. As a vegetarian, fruits and veggies are a huge staple of my diet. And we just moved within two miles of the beach, so my husband and I have been hitting it up as often as we can to go for runs and walks. You're not kidding...exercising in the sand is HARD.
    Happy Friday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. mmm i love apples, my weakness though is dousing them in peanut butter :( Ps, thanks for rubbing in that i live in utah and am no way near a freaking beach haha, the canyon will have to do!

  3. I ALMOST moved to Hawaii once. :)

  4. Mmmm fruit! And beautiful pictures! I wish I lived near a beach. I'm starting to eat more fruit! I've learned that my favorite fruit - raspberries - are like one of the best things for you! So great! I totally need this Fitness Friday, keep it up!

  5. so jealous. i need a vacay. i'm going to go eat fruit in the sun and pretend i'm on a beach somewhere ...

  6. Yum! Now I want to stuff my face with strawberries and kiwis!
    So hubs and I are vacationing to Hawaii in 3 weeks.... yay!... and we want to go running on the beach! So I have a weird question... do you run barefoot or with shoes? Ha ha!

  7. Love how you made use of your surroundings to work out even while in paradise!!

    And AMEN to eating fruits! Lot and lots of em! They fill you up and are super natural and healthy for ya ;)

  8. I like this advice! Ever since I got pregnant I have LOVED fruit and I can't ever get enough of it!! :] I did not know all of those awesome facts about fruit though!


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