Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blabbering Thoughts that are fantastic!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your weekend is full of adventure and fun! Today I want you to meet another guest poster for me! She is so fantastic! And I am so so happy to have her over here at TippeeCanoe today! Thanks Tiffany for taking over!! 


Well hi there little Tippee Canoe readers, I am Tiffany & I blog over @ Blabbering Thoughts. {{Yes, the title speaks for itself & speaks volumes about me}}

So while little miss Lauren is out vacationing in HAWAII I will contribute to some of her work load for blogging....... :) I am thrilled to be here, I was really excited when she asked me to write & I was even MORE excited when she gave me a direction to go because the idea never popped into my head to blog about.

She's on vacation & I am here to tell you about my LAST vacation.

Our last vacation was in January.. Yes 3 short months ago but yet seems forever ago.. We went to Cancun. For me & the babes, it was our first time to Mexico & it was their first time out of the country, the mister grew up going there with his family.

We got to spend time with his parents, grandparents, & MY BEST FRIENDS.

I tell you what.. 5 hours direct flight to Cancun.. EEK.. 6 hours direct flight back to California... EEEEEEEEEEEK. It was rough. Hadley age 2 & Henry at the time age 7 months. Of course there was a little crying action going on here & there but not to the extreme. They are kids, what can you expect? I mean, I am the perfect one in the family so they can't be perfect too... :) {{my humor is weak, I know}}

Here is the beautiful beach where we stayed

Here are my little babes

Here is my other half + my bff & her hubby

Hands down it was one of the best vacations to spend time with my family & friends. I could post a bagillion more pics & talk about every thing we did.. But we all know what the beach looks like, we all know what we do on vacation {{eat, relax, eat, drink, relax, sunbathe, drink, eat}}. 

Thanks Lauren for letting me entertain your readers while you are gone! 


  1. Hello cutest little munchkins EVER! What sweet photos, friend!

  2. wow seems like you guys had so much fun! I went ahead and followed both of your blogs! I love these photos!


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