Monday, April 9, 2012

AprilPhotoADay & Happy Easter!

 Good News! I made it through the first 8 days of April Photo A Day! It is actually a lot of fun!! If you aren't doing it, you should join in next month!! If you are doing it, then you should link up so we can all check your pictures out!! 

Also if you aren't following me on it! :)


Days 1 - 8 are as follows,
1. My reflection..just woke up and took it! I was a little anxious to get things started!
2. Colour!.. pink lips, coral shirt, yellow jeans!
3. my mail..which sits in a box until I have the nerve to look at it.
4. someone who makes me happy = my nephew. I just love that boy.
5. Tiny...doesn't get much tinnier than a lady bug!
6. my lunch. smoothie!
7. Shadow. Bella's shadow on a walk!
8. Inside my wallet..not to eventful!

In other instagram news:

I contemplate on a daily basis whether I should chop my hair...until it looks good one day..then I like it!
I made 72 cookies one day...because I had requests, and I felt like being nice. Those took alllll day!
Bella and I had PLENTY of cuddles this last week. And I really don't mind.

In Easter Instagram News:

We had a wonderful Easter over here. Complete with Easter Egg hunts, Easter Church which included colorful easter outfits!, More cuddles with Grayson, and some lovely sparklers!

I am so grateful for my family and for the knowledge that I have, that we can be together for eternity. What a wonderful blessing I have, that was given to me by my Elder Brother, my Savior, my Friend.

Happy Easter to you all! I hope it was wonderful! 



  1. Sparklers? On Easter? GEN.IUS. My friend, that is the best idea ever!

  2. You're doing a great job with photoaday!!! lookin' good and fantab!! I love your reflection photo!! Nothing more real than taking a pic when you wake up, right??

    And love the fact that you had sparklers for Easter... magical moment!!

    1. I'm really trying!! So far , so good. fingers crossed, knock on wood!

  3. I am so bad at keeping up with the photo of the day! Haha. To add to your color one--you have BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! And your nephew is so stinking cute! I love having cute nephews! They always fill up my camera with Instagram-worthy pictures! Haha. And yay for a Happy Easter!

    1. You are too kind! :) Oh and yah we kind of love that little man over here. Nephews are a lot of fun!

  4. You a great pictutes!
    the baby is so cute*


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