Monday, April 30, 2012

April Photo A Day Week #4

30 days of photos = 1 big success!

Days 23-30 are:

23. Vegetable
24. something you are grateful for - being able to experience Earth's beauty!
25. looking down
26. black&white
27. Somewhere you went
28. 1pm - hour 14 of travel..sore toosh
29. circle
30. something sad - gloomy skies and no beach insight = sad me.

In other Instagram News:

Grayson came to say welcome home!

I got lots of Bella cuddle time!

And you know you are back to country living when there are fish hanging from the telephone wires..

ALSO: If you were super jealous of how fun April Photo A Day is MAY photo a day! If you have instagram follow me @ xolocoopxo ! I will follow back so we can check out each others photo a days!

Happiest of Mondays everyone!!



  1. I did the Feb photo of the day, took March and April off, but I think I might have to do it again for May.

    So jealous of all of your Hawaii pictures on Instagram. So jealous.

  2. all of your pictures are gorgeous!
    i need to do one of these challenges someday!

  3. Your pictures are very cute! I love the instagram challenges! I will be following you on instagram!

  4. i tried this in april and totally failed! but i'm trying again in may, so wish me luck! cute pics.

    just found your blog, it's nice to meet you!

    xo ashley


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