Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Photo A Day, Week 2!

Welcome to April Photo a day..week 2. I'm not even going to lie to you, this.week.was.hard. I just kept forgetting! But can you blame me? I've got Hawaii on the brain 24/7. You know it's more important to make sure the right bikini makes it into that suitcase. Who am I kidding they ALL made it into my suitcase! Can't make cuts on those. Anywho I am still successful! So here is day 9-14.

9. a younger you- this is me and my brother. look how chunky I was!
10. Cold- my feet were just a wee bit chilly on my day without shoes.
11. Where I ate breakfast. At the kitchen table...I know..super original!
12. Stairs. Those are rainy yucky stairs!
13. Something you found. I found my glasses in my car, after I searched the house up and down for them! 
14. How you feel today- I felt rather gloomy. the weather was suiting.

 In other Instagram news....oh wait my computer deleted all of my pictures from my phone before I could transfer them to my computer. Because thats logical and everything. Im not mad. I swear. Ok I maybe got a little angry...there were really cute pictures of my nephew on there *tears*

Happy Sunday Everyone...sorry tomorrow happens to be Monday. Only my monday is going to be fantastic...that is after my 6 hour flight! I got this guys! 

Make sure you check in though because I have some seriously lovely ladies guest posting while I am gone!

See you in 2 weeks!!



  1. Seriously so excited for you!!!
    Have a great time!!!
    Amy xo :)

  2. Fun pictures! The one of you is so cute : ) Sorry about your Instagram pics : ( I want Instagram so bad! There is talk of me getting an iPod touch with a camera for my birthday, so I'm crossing my fingers...

  3. Love that picture of you! Your eyes are so pretty!

  4. I love your yellow pants and your pretty blue eyes! Boom chick wow wow! ;) Hope you're having fun in Hawaii!

  5. Aloha! Hope you're having lots of tropical fun.

    I nominated you for an award. Here are the details:

    Rosie xx


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