Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ALOHA from 2!

I made it! Whoop whoop! So today to celebrate being in Hawaiian, I am going to introduce you to a fellow Hawaiian! Yes guys, she.lives.there. So obviously we are soul mates! If only we would have found each other last year, we would have lived like a half hour away from each other! I'm just a little ticked about that! Anywho here is Brooke over from CoveredinGrace . She is here to tell you a little about Hawaii! 



Hi Everyone! I'm Brooke- a writer, mother, student, military wife, photog wannabe, and Jesus Lover. I want to thank Lauren for having me today! I blog over at Covered in Grace and would love it if you stopped by. Be sure to check out some of my features: Photography Challenges, Love...on a Tuesday, and Monday Meet Ups.

Today I want to share with all of you lovely Tippee Canoe readers something that both Lauren and I really love....Hawaii!

I really love taking photos,always have. And I totally consider myself a wannabe photographer.
So I'm always looking for something new and fun to "push my limits." 
Here in Hawaii {Oahu Island), the photo opportunities are abundant.

I am constantly struck with awe at the Beauty in Creation that I am blessed to be witness to.

Recently my Grandma was in town and we went around to all my fav places.

I took of 957 photos. Told ya I love taking pics.

One of my favorite things about living on this rock is all the unique history I'm surrounded by.

Of course, you've all heard and know about the tragic bombing of Pearl Harbor...

Pictured above is the USS Arizona Memorial. It rest on top of the sunken vessel on Battleship Row in the Pearl Harbor Naval Channel. You can see more on some of the U.S. Military history in Hawaii here and here.

Another of my favorite things about this island is all of its massive dinosaur trees!

Pictured above is a banyan tree on Ford Island that is thousands of years old...and my Grandma.

This sucker is unbelievable. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Hiking is another of my favorite things to do here. I just can't get enough. I haven't blogged about all of my hikes yet, but you can see the ones I have talked about here.

Pictured above: a view of Diamond Head Crater and Waikiki/Kailua from The Kuliouou Ridge Trail.

You HAVE to go hiking when you visit Hawaii... the views are amazing!

And you Have to wake up for a Hawaiian Sunrise.

It doesn't get much better than that! 
This pic is on my favorite beach...Bellows. It's half-military-private and half-public. No matter where you are on this beach, though, it's breathtaking. Absolutely, hands down, my favorite place on the whole island. We often go camping there. LOVE! 

Now...what Hawaii post would be complete without a picture of Waikiki Beach?
My kind, actually. We don't really go there much... but I'll throw one anyways. Ha!
This photo was taken by My Love when we took our first Catamaran Sunset Booze Cruise. 
So fun! Must do! 

As you can see... I love taking pictures of flowers. I am a bit obsessed. =/
But how can you not be when you get to see suckers like these?!!  
Look at that peachy thing, second from the right on the bottom... weird isn't it? 
It's a Canon Ball Tree flower. 

How can you not see God in all this gorgeous creation?! 

Well...that's it for me today Tippee Canoe fans! 
Thanks again to Lauren for having me here today! I am waving to you over in Maui! 
{Totally wish we could have met up!} 




  1. I so want to go to Hawaii! Beautiful pictures :) My favorite is the one with all the differant flowers and plants, probably because I hope to be a florist some day lol


  2. Oh ya and here is my link ;)



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