Monday, March 5, 2012

Want or need?

Ok guys so in my family growing up my parents always asked if something was a want or a need. I have yet to figure out how to decide between the two. So I usually dub something a need. You know...just to be safe :)
Here are a few..ok a bunch of things I am lusting over these days. Which clearly means I need ALL of them. Because I will dream about them. And thats no good. Unless I can wake up to them!

Recently I heart colorful jeans .

I heart this hoodie . debate it hoody or hoodie? I never know..

Oh this bag. it makes me drool.

ummm excuse me...get on my awesome duvet you!

Im going to make this sign...

SOOO heart this sign. one say i will live somewhere where i can put it up and it will be true. That day can come anytime now...annnnny time.

I quadruple times love this throw . what I would give to wrap my snotty nose and achy all over body in all $135 of it. Right this SECOND!

love. love. love. this bracelet

how fun is turning your instagram into a castegram . fantastic!

Oh hello new case for my iphone 4..we may meet sooner than planned since my iphone 3 took a recent swim..

One day kitchen aid mixer you will be mine. 

fantastic spring/ summer nail polish colour! whistle whistle

I heart this puppy. if he could be mine i would not be mad.

 This camera bag has been on my NEED list for a while now...

umm i would use this guys i swear. heart this typewriter 

I basically look at these earrings twice a day...ahh.

Well thanks for letting me get all of that off my chest. Im sure you agree these are all needs. Maybe you found something you would like to buy...for either yourself or maybe for...oh me? shouldn't have...but feel free! :)



  1. Hey Lauren, first things first-I have been wanting a kitchen-aid forever now-if you get one, get one in the states they are WAY cheaper, and I love that blanket, I have a thing for blankets! Also about the Pink Pistachio giveaway, you are so nice for thinking of me, i do love nail stuff! The only problem is I already follow/and love that blog-Although I did find her through your blog originally, does that count? or does it have to be NEW refferals?

  2. oh thanks for the advice! I basically die every time i make anything without a kitchen aid!

    hmmm good question about the blog thing! I think you should still do it! I think she is just making sure that both people are really followers. so its worth a shot? :)


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