Monday, March 19, 2012

This Girl Named Hailey

So this one time I moved to this wacked out place called Rexburg, Idaho. There I met this girl named Hailey. It was love at first sight ;) Or more like love at first realization we are basically the same person! It's seriously weird peeps! Anyways we like to dress the same and really weird, we like to go on hikes together, we like to clean up others messes together, we like to go bowling, and we like to be awesome together. Anywho, today is miss Hailey's birthday and boy am I glad she was born! so Hails ...SHOUT OUT for your bday and being born and being awesome. Your the best I ever had! Oh and those pancakes are for you! Because I know you LOVE banana pancakes and you miss seeing me wear the chip clip in my hair every day!



  1. Hey! Cute post, you look so pretty in that last pic! I would love to do a button swap, I'm going to start putting buttons on my blog on April 1st, i have till then to figure out the design and stuff...blogging is hard haha...but yes April 1, your button will be on my blog!

  2. I just want you to know that I think every college girl accidentally overflows their dishwasher. Do I know from experience? Maaaaybe. Was it hilarious? OF COURSE.

    1. It was definitely something shocking to walk in to the kitchen and find bubbles EVERYWHERE! but very very hilarious! Good to know we aren't the only ones! :)


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