Thursday, March 1, 2012


So last year this was all I could do to celebrate the best sister in the worlds birthday!(above pic)...lame I know! But this year we got to hang out, chat A LOT, watch some old school shows and eat cereal for lunch. If you think this is lame..then you are lame...because its probably in my top 3 things to do..along with eating chocolate and tanning on the beach..and sometimes we do all those things together, which just for your infomation is true bliss! SO SHOUT OUT to the best sister to ever exist. It's definitely not far fetched to say you are my best friend and I just love and adore you! SO HAPPY can now eat your cereal out of the bowl while balancing it on your baby belly! Oh and don't be mad but next year I'm probably making you rice krispie treats with chocolate and peanutbutter on them. Just sayin'!

P.S.- you share a birthday with JBIEBS ....who can now legally be my boyfriend...



  1. Haha you are seriously just the best!! Thanks for making my birthday fabulous. Love you!!!

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