Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter You Have Arrived

A little later than usual but still,  do you wanna know what its like to have an amazing dream about being back in Hawaii and then waking up to something that looks a lil somethin' like the picture above? Hmm how should I compare this really! It's like slipping on some ice and getting the wind knocked out of you. It's like being suuuuper hungry after a long day and day dreaming about the yummy left overs in the fridge, only to come home and realize someone else has already eaten them. It's like getting your hair dyed and it turning green. It's like noticing a yucky green spot of mold on your bread after you've already eaten half the sandwich. It's like....ok ok you get it? It's just really nothing spectacular that is FOR SURE!

To maybe make my point a little more clear.....this is what I was doing last winter...

oh it hurts.....

Well I tried to find a bunch of stuff to write a whole post dumping on winter but I ended up finding some really beautiful pictures and some funny stuff too..

I mean here in Canada it is more like a 5 plus month break but whatever I am going to embrace this little fact (eww I know) Also I am really going to do my best to embrace this whole winter thing...snow...cold...and all! And going back to the dreaded place called work ( I know I am pretty sure I said that I would never step foot there again but...what can I say...here there and everywhere!) and I will earn enough money to go to Hawaii again and just keep earning money to be able to go to Hawaii all my little heart desires! Maybe even possibly move back? We will see how that goes over! :) In the mean time...maybe winter won't be so bad...


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