Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge...

So I've been feeling sort of Scroogelike today so I decided to hole up on the couch and watch Teen Mom2 reruns with Alexa all day. All while craving a Jamba Juice and trying to make myself motivated enough to go get one ( but its cold outside and all that nonsense )

Then Alexa had to go to class sooo since I'm all kinds of nice ( and it was a good reason to get what I wanted also!) I decided to drive her to class! So I put some real pants on, drove Alexa to class and went and got myself some Jamba. SUCCESS..... until .... I got out of the car and all the sudden Jambayummies was no longer in my hand but on the pavement... you know the saying "no use crying over spilled milk"... Its a lot harder not to cry over a spilled Jamba... Cue crocodile tears and an official MRS Scrooge

Anyways happy tuesday that was worse than a monday! Hope you got to enjoy all your hearts desires and they didn't end up on the floor or anything awesome like that!


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