Friday, November 4, 2011


What would a "pamper myself" day look like for you?

When I think of a relaxing ME day...I don't think of Spas or anything like that...I think of a day full of all the things I love to do!! So the other day I REALLY needed a me I took one! :)

Started out with a trip to the museum...this month it was on WW2...which I LOVE to learn about!!

Ummmmmn I want this bike!!!!!

above is and actual letter from a wife to her husband!


Their Dinner and Breakfast and Lunch packets came with instructions on how to eat it....I wonder how it tasted...

This above is a chocolate bar!! ...."to be eaten slowly"

They had all of these crazy "weapons" disguised as ordinary smart!

 Above is Nazi uniform...with skulls on it...not nice..

Love this!!!

Then the most interesting thing I saw was something I had never heard about!! A baby gas mask! They looked like normal gas masks but a bit bigger with a little fabric flap at the bottom....they would put the baby inside and close it!! There was a little flap where the mom could put her hand in to sooth the baby and a tube pumping in air! So weird!!!

Also at the very end they had a movie playing of interviews they had had with some local veterans....that was my favorite part!! I love to hear their personal stories and I was impressed at their great sense of humor!! So cute and wonderful!!

The next stop was Starbucks for a yummy delicious HOCHO! mmmm!! And then while I enjoyed the warm goodness I drew some sketches! relaxing! :) And they have the Holiday cups back....makes me feel all Christmas giddy!! yay!

Next stop!....the MALL... :) don't worry no shopping spree! Just a scarf I had been eyeing!! 

Then I went and bought Crazy Stupid Love for a girls movie night!...have you seen this movie? Oh my goodness....all kinds of laughing through this movie!!...and ummm possibly a leeetle bit of drooling over Ryan Gosling...siiiiigh....

Annnnyways!! So Alexa (my work out buddy :) ) And I went to Zumba 

Then we came home and watched the movie!..

WHAT A DELIGHTFUL DAY!!!.....Take some time soon to just have a day full of things you LOVE to do!! It really does the mind some good!! :)

ALSO...I am starting a new blog/photo challenge!! The first one is a self portrait! So I took these after I bundled up to go for a walk with Hailey tonight! :)

Its starting to get colder and colder....oh no...winter is REALLY on its way now!...oh no oh no!!
Well y'all....please remember to take a day to pamper yourself! It doesn't even have to cost a bunch of money!! :) Mine didnt!


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